The Promise, plots of the week from 8 to 14 July

Cruz and Pia in The Promise
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New week full of intense emotions for L. fansat Promessa which, from 8 to 14 July 2024, will witness numerous twists and turns. Be careful because a clue will get Cruz in trouble and a return, very unwelcome, will be destined to upset everyone's lives. Curious to find out more? Follow us, here are the plots in detail, day by day.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Monday 8 July

Jimena fell near the river and this will have strong repercussions on everyone around her. Things will start to get bad for Cruz: Alonso, in fact, will inform her that, from that moment on, Ramona will also be searched in the territories of La Promessa. And now? Furthermore, Margarita will be increasingly convinced that the Marchioness has something to do with her husband's death and will clearly accuse her, looking for a valid ally in Feliciano.

About Ramona, Curro will confess to Jana that he did not find the handkerchief of the woman to her house and the maid will promise to find him. Martina will receive Curro's strange confessions but she will think that these are designed to prevent her from getting married.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Tuesday 9 July

Bad news for Martina: Antonio, in fact, will tell her that he won't marry her due to the contrary opinion of the dukes. He will give her some money and will leave the palace: a bad blow for the girl and, above all, for Margarita. His dreams of a nice social leap will therefore seem shattered. Cruz, in the meantime, will be in the hands of Pia who will blackmail her regarding the kidnapping of little Diego, while Abel will reassure everyone that Jimena is fine.

Twist in Ramona's search. In fact, her bag of herbs will suddenly come out. Finally, new tensions between Simona and Candela: the two women, in the kitchen, will be at loggerheads again!

The Promise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 10 July

Although Cruz has decided to submit to Pia's blackmail, things will not go as planned for the latter. In fact, some problems will occur from the moment that Cruz will have only one condition: to bring Petra back. Be careful because an incontrovertible clue will make us, and not just us, understand that Cruz is involved in Ramona's disappearance. Jana, in fact, will find the marquise's fan at Ramona's house. While Jimena will come to terms with her condition as a liar, Alonso will offer to help her sister-in-law manage her husband's inheritance.

The Promise, plot of the Thursday 11 July episode

Jana would have liked to involve Manuel in Ramona's search but he will have to deal with an unexpected reaction from the young man. Catalina will be increasingly closer to Count Pelayo to the point that she will be convinced to embark on a new project with him. Lorenzo will propose to Alonso to go to the casino but he will get a refusal: the marquis will say that he is still grieving for his brother. Jimena will finally make a decision: the pregnancy lie will have to end immediately.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Friday 12 July

Jimena will decide to tell Manuel that she has had an abortion but Abel, knowing everything, will advise her to wait a little to avoid the rise of suspicions. Time of annoyance for Martina who, still in crisis over her father's death, will not accept that Cruz has removed Lope from her kitchen by recalling him as a valet. Jana will convince Manuel to talk to Cruz about the fan found at Ramona's house and Candela will reflect on whether or not to marry Don Carlos. Finally, Pia will have to accept the condition posed by Cruz. What a mess!

The Promise, plot of the episode on Saturday 13 July

Pia will have to accept Cruz's conditions and, in tears, he will sign the contract with her, renouncing, forever, to denounce Petra. Manuel will speak, as promised to Jana, with Cruz who, however, will not take his son's third grade well at all. Catalina will blame Cruz for pushing Lope away from the kitchen. Lorenzo will have managed to organize a poker game to which, suddenly, Margarita will also join. In the end, the woman will defeat everyone, remaining in challenge with Lorenzo. Who will win?

The Promise, plot of the episode of Sunday 14 July

The poker game will have a truly unexpected outcome: Margarita, in fact, will manage to win 25% of La Promessa. Terrible news that the Marquises will be literally shocked when they find out. Lope will be increasingly bitter about the role he finds himself in and which will not make him feel good. They will then leave preparations for Jimena's fake abortion and Petra will return to The Promise. Everyone will welcome her coldly but, never mind: her she's back and now she'll give everyone a hard time!

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