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How many emotions it reserved for us A Place in the Sun in the last weeks? If you are a fan of the Neapolitan soap, hold on tight because from 8 to 12 July 2024 we'll see some more good ones. The previews describe a constantly evolving plot with twists not to be missed. Alberto will be the great protagonist but Viola will also have a lot to do. How? Let's find out together!

Guido in crisis with Mariella

Mariella and Guido will continue to be in crisis. Del Bue, in fact, will continue to be in the limbo of feelings and this will cause a lot of pain to poor Mariella who, despite herself, will try to endure the situation hoping that everything will soon return to normal. It will be difficult since Claudia will use Guido's feelings to increase her self-esteem at a moment that wasn't exactly happy for her.

Who will replace Luca in the hospital in Un Posto al Sole?

The onset of his illness forced Luca De Santis to an incredible decision. Man, in fact, he will no longer be the head doctor of San Filippoe his decision will leave an almost unbridgeable void among colleagues and patients. Who will take his place? Rossella will be the first to ask herself this question. Furthermore, the girl will be grappling with unexpected feelings of guilt towards Riccardo. Which?

Viola and Eugenio separated permanently?

We will see the story of Viola and Eugenio again. Their lives now run parallel with the aim of maintaining a climate of serenity in little Antonio's life. In the meantime, Nicotera will continue to date Lucia who will tell him that she wants to make an important change in their relationship. Viola, for her part, will be increasingly anxious for the danger that hides behind Damiano's work.

Marina media between Roberto and Filippo in Un Posto al Sole

The story of little Tommaso literally turned his life upside down Roberto Ferri who now finds himself in a situation that is not easy to manage. Also Unfortunately, things won't go very well with Filippo. This time too, Marina will be the one to look for a way to restore peace between father and son. Will she succeed?

Alberto in danger... and he won't be the only one!

Since Federico left with Clara and Eduardo within the protection program, for Alberto it will be hard to move forward. Indeed, her behaviors will have a character increasingly self-defeating. But be careful: the lawyer he will also involve the innocent Luca in his delirium. De Santis, in fact, will receive a lift from Palladini: moments in which he will experience moments of pure terror and in which his life will be in danger.

A turning point for Samuel and Micaela in Un Posto al Sole

In an certainly lighter atmosphere, the relationship between Samuel and Micaela will be destined, in all likelihood, to one incredible twist. The boy, in fact, will admit that he is no longer able to manage the relationship as it was set up. He will therefore decide to talk about it frankly with the girl! But how will the fiery twin Cirillo react?

We'll find out very soon! In the meantime, we anticipate that Un Posto al Sole will not be broadcast on Friday 12 July 2024 and that, for this reason, a double episode will be scheduled on the evening of Thursday 11 July 2024.

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