Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 1st to 5th July

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Fans of A Place in the Sun, are you ready for a new week full of exceptional twists and incredible twists? Then don't miss the plots of the episodes that await us from 1 to 5 July 2024! We'll tell you in advance, we'll see some really good ones.

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode on Monday 1 July

A very intense episode of UPAS with which we will open this new week. While Rossella will discuss with Michele, for Luca it will be time for new awareness: on the one hand he will feel bad about his health and work situation, on the other he will be certain that he can always count on Giulia. New emotions for Roberto Ferri with Serena who, for her part, will be able to take unexpected revenge against her twins.

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Tuesday 2 July

Very important news for Diego and Ida who, finally, will start living with little Tommaso. For Marina and Roberto, in fact, the experience of being parents could end very soon. Everyone will try to stay close to Luca, increasingly depressed due to the consequences that his illness is bringing to his life.

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode on Wednesday 3 July

While the relationship between Ida and Diego will undergo a significant shakeup (we'll let you imagine which one!), for Roberto it will be time to resign himself and start taking back the reins of his life. While Luca will rely more and more on Giulia's loving care, Jimmy will be increasingly annoyed with his father and will prepare for a new meeting, the one with Valeria's niece.

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Thursday 4 July

The battle that Pink he fought not to lose his home will bring the first inevitable consequences. Once she returned within her beloved four walls, in fact, the womanshe will realize that many in the neighborhood no longer see her favorably. Ida will be shocked by Diego's proposal and will decide to talk about it with Raffaele while the meeting with Mina, Valeria's niece, will have shocked Jimmy. The very young Poggi will only have eyes for her. Too bad, though, that there could be something strange underneath!

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Friday 5 July

The front on married life will be reopened Guido and Mariella which will appear increasingly in crisis. Mariella, on the other hand, is not stupid and she will understand that her husband has a crush on another woman: how will he react?

After a fight in which she was the protagonist, Rosa will confront Don Antoine while between Niko and Valeria things now seem to be getting better and better. Manuela, for her part, does not seem to feel the pinch particularly. But will it be true?

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