Teresa Mannino on stage at the Augusteo Theater from 16 April

Teresa Mannino show in Naples

From 16 to 21 April 2024, the Augusteo Theater in Naples hosts “The jaguar glares at me“, a show by Teresa Mannino. An event where the public and artist meet to explore desires, questions and stories that intertwine daily life.

“The jaguar looks at me askance”, details, theme and content

Written by Teresa Mannino e Giovanna Donini, With the collaboration of Maria Nadotti, "The jaguar glares at me” stands out for the unique personality of Teresa Mannino in both writing and directing. The scenography of Maria Spazzi and the lighting design of Roberta Faiolo they create an environment that reflects the profound themes of the story. The costumes, provided byMelody Institute, help define the unique atmosphere of the show, while executive production and distribution are handled by Savà Creative Productions.

Themes range from reflections on childhood and the difficult relationship with waiting, until interactions with the animal world and admiration for ants. The common thread throughout the show is the desire: a force that, according to Mannino, ignites dreams and moves emotions.

The audience's interactive experience with the show

During "The jaguar glares at me“, Teresa Mannino does not limit herself to acting, but invites the audience to actively participate in the performance. Viewers have the freedom to interact with the artist in different ways: they can dance, put questions, respond to Mannino's reflections or even simply close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by his words. A space of freedom central to the experience, which emphasizes the concept of theater as a place of exchange and mutual discovery.

Ticket information

Tickets to attend “The jaguar glares at me” are currently sold out.

The sale is enabled both at the Teatro Augusteo box office and online on the TicketOne website than on the site www.bigliettoveloce.it. Prices vary depending on the sector:

  • Poltronissima: € 51.75
  • 2nd sector armchair: € 46.00
  • 3nd sector armchair: € 40.25
  • Gallery: € 31.05
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