Terra Bitter, previews and spoilers from 12 to 17 February

Hakan and Zuleyha in Bitter Land

Bitter land awaits us this week between 12 and 17 February 2024, with incredible events full of exciting twists. If on the one hand we can rejoice in some happy events, like Gulten's pregnancy, will be the dramas the main protagonists of these episodes. Zuleyha, in fact, will discover that Hulya is dead but, above all, the same Gulten and Saniye will be victims of an accident which will have irreversible consequences on their future. Curious to know more?

Hakan is free in the Bitter Land

Having attacked the prosecutor by trying to find out the name of Zuleyha's real attacker led Hakan behind bars. For him, however, the time will soon come release from prison given that the complaint against him will be withdrawn. A great news both for him and for his beloved Altun: in this way the two will be able to start planning the wedding again. Ceremony at which Fikret will confess to Zuleyha that he does not want to participate and for which he will take Kerem Ali and bring him to live with him.

Shocking news, Hulya is dead

If the beloved's release from prison is good news, Zuleyha will also receive a message that will shock her. The prosecutor himself will inform you that Hulya, the girl with whom Demir had had an affair and Hakan's sister, she's dead. A story that will shock her and after which Zuleyha will decide to leave for Smyrna to attend the funeral and Fikret will go with her. All this, however, not without having informed Hakan who will be shocked but will not be able to get too upset, continuing his "act" in the role of Mehmet Kara.

Cetin and Gulten expecting a child

Good news coming your way Cetin and Gulten who will discover that, in a few months, they will become parents. A novelty that will excite them and the two newlyweds they will decide to share with all those who love them. On the other hand, after marriage, having a child was their greatest wish. They will finally realize their dream even if something, or rather someone, could soon ruin everything!

Sermin and Betul fall from grace

Too much greed and the desire for power will play a bad joke on Sermin and Betul. Mother and daughter, in fact, they will fall into disgrace and they will no longer be able to afford to live at the Yaman estate. For this reason they will be forced into what will be the first act of their defeat: yes they will move to a much more modest home.

Gulten and Saniye victims of a very serious accident in Terra Amara

The week of Bitter Earth will end with a tragic event. One of those that, unfortunately, the Turkish soap has accustomed us to in recent months! He will be the protagonist Hasmet Colak, a former lord of Cukurova, who will be released after almost 20 years in prison and he will want to take back the land at all costs that Demir had stolen from him illicitly. The man, among other things, will become the protagonist of a dramatic accident. He will run over Saniye and Gulten while the two women remained stranded with the car and intent on recovering a wheel of the car.

We tell you that it will be theyet another shock for the entire community and that for Saniye and Gulten a fate as cruel as it is unjust.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Terra Amara
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