Terra Bitter, previews and spoilers from 4 to 9 March

Hakan and Zuleyha in Bitter Land
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A week that promises to be interesting and full of exciting twists and turns Terra Amara from 4 to 9 March 2024. Some really good things will happen! We will witness, for example, the rescue of Fikret and Cetin by Hakan while on the latter the truth about his real identity. What will happen to her relationship with Zuleyha? We inform you that Altun will have no mercy to the point that Hakan will end up in prison. Curious to find out more?

Fikret and Cetin rescued by Hakan in Lebanon

Fikret and Cetin they will still be prisoners in Lebanon where the civil war is raging and where the Government has imposed the closure of the borders. To make matters worse, Fikret will be injured while, together with his faithful friend, he will try to reach the Turkish embassy. However, Hakan will come to his aid with which he will be able to get to the hospital for initial treatment.

While Fikret and Cetin will be in Lebanon, zuleyha he will not be able to get any news of them and this will only increase his apprehension for them. Lutfiye will also be very anxious!

Sermin sends Betul, Fikret and Cetin home again

Betul she will be determined to make peace with her mother. It's a shame that things won't go, at least for the moment, the way you want them to Sermin will not react well and, on the contrary, he will send her out of the housea.

Thanks to Hakan's intervention, however Fikret and Cetin the time will finally come to be able to return home. Furthermore, once you return home, the Ali Rahmet's nephew will reveal it to Zuleyha that from everything discovered in Lebanon it will appear that Mehmet Kara is not, in reality, Hakan Gumusoglu.

Colak and Abdulkadir against each other

Colak will have an important deal on his hands which he has no intention of letting slip away. Also Abdulkadir, however, will be very interested and, to obtain information regarding the offer made by Colak, will take advantage of a moment of absence from the latter to try to extort further details from Betul. Also Zuleyha will be interested in the race of the contract in question. On the other hand, the profits would be really huge given that it will be about supplying citrus fruits to the Turkish army.

Abdulkadir in love with Betul in Bitter Land

Abdulkadir will go to Betul to seek important information from her, it's true, and, we anticipate, he will get what he wants. But not only! The man he will realize that he has feelings towards the woman: he will rediscover himself in love with her! Abdulkadir he will reveal to Hakan the amount of Colak's offer and, for this reason, Hakan himself he will then advise Zuleyha on how to present her proposal. A winning tactic since the Adnan Yaman Holding will win. Everyone is happy, except, of course, Colak. He will become furious with Betul, to the point that the woman will fear for her own safety.

Gaffur new head of the labourers

After the elections called by Zuleyha to elect the new estate manager and the victory of gaffur, Rasit really won't like the idea of ​​having to take orders from Taskin. For Saniye's widower, then, a new problem on the horizon: Cevriye will begin to show some interest in him.

Cevriye of Bitter Earth
Cevriye in Bitter Land (Source: Tag24.it)

Bitter Earth shock, Fikret threatens Vahap

More and more obsessed with Zuleyha, Vahap will break into her bedroom. This time, however, it will not go unnoticed and will come surprised by Fikret who, rightly, will react furiously. He will threaten Vahap: from that moment on he will control his every move and at the first mistake he will take him out with his own hands!

Zuleyha repentant, marriage in sight?

Zuleyha called off the wedding because she believed that if Mehmet was really Hakan, both she and her children would be in danger. A choice of which now he will regret it! Here because will propose to your partner a cruise in Europe with the aim of celebrating the wedding on the ship. At that point, the man will want to reveal the whole truth to her but he will have to wait a few more days. However, his secret will be in danger: the article of a newspaper that Lutfiye will find in Fikret's house it could represent the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Zuleyha discovers Mehmet's true identity in Bitter Land

The newspaper that Lutfia will find will reveal the truth about the identity of Mehmet Kara. The woman he will run to Zuleyha and tell her that Mehmet is actually the dangerous Hakan Gumusoglu. Altun will remain upset! Although Fikret will try to reason with her (making her reflect on the fact that Hakan saved them in Beirut) Zuleyha he will report him and Hakan will therefore end up behind bars. Meanwhile, Lutfiye will console Altun while Fikret will begin to think that Hakan cannot be behind all the evil that has happened. What do you work for the Government instead?

Hakan released from prison, Zuleyha far away

Hakan will be cleared thanks to the intervention of his boss but zuleyha she really won't want to know about him and will distance herself both on a sentimental and professional front. She will try to convince him to sell her shares back to her but Hakan won't accept! She will have no idea what Altun will be willing to do. We will see it, in fact, threaten him.

Betul reciprocates Abdulkadir's sentiment

Abdulkadir, we anticipated it, he will reveal to Betul that he is in love with her. He will find outat the same time, of being reciprocated despite the woman's connection to Colak. Betul herself will lie to Colak in order to spend two days with Abdulkadir away from Cukurova and once they return he will give him one promise: he will break his relationship with Colak to be alone with him!

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