Bitter Earth of February 12th. Serious trouble for Cukurova, Colak is back!

Colak in Bitter Land

The new episode of is intense and full of food for thought Bitter land due to Monday 12 February 2024. In Cukurova, in fact, you can never stay calm! Once a problem has been finished and a puzzle has been solved (so to speak!), here's another one ready to go upset the lives of our protagonists. And that's exactly what's about to happen to Zuleyha with Colak, the new character who, released from prison, will declare war on Altun. But why? All while the situation with Sermin and Betul it will be anything but a memory! Here are all the details!

Sermin against Zuleyha, it's not over yet

Between joy at the news of Gulten's pregnancy and a sigh of relief about the "Hakan" threat, the discovery, by Zuleyha, of the Betul's deceptions and the scams perpetrated against the family and the company, made the Altun is furious. Evicted from their home, mother and daughter gave a disparaging interview towards Zuleyha, causing a hit and answer from an Oscar and ending up leading the young Betul to judge herself a doer.

By now all Cukurova is aware of the ongoing diatribe and if Betul will confess to her mother that she is ready to throw in the towel and surrender to their new condition, to Sermin it won't be like that. The blonde will want it at all costs take revenge on Zuleyha and take her revenge. But how? Are we certain that it has the essential tools to achieve this?

A new enemy for Zuleyha, the war with Colak begins

If Sermin is seeking revenge against the Yaman and, above all, Zuleyha, she will not be the only one. He will also be there to give her a strong hand Colak, one of the most ruthless gentlemen Cukurova has ever had. The man, released from prison after 18 years he will be ready for anything regain possession of the land taken from him, years earlier, unduly, by Demir.

It won't be difficult to imagine how Zuleyha will not be happy when he finds out. On the other hand, also on this occasion, Demir's widow he will demonstrate all his character. She will not be at all willing to lower her head in the face of this new "problem". Indeed.. Altun will be decisive and firm in safeguarding her wealth: he will threaten Colak with taking him to court.

In short, the new week of Terra Amara will really start with a bang. It will be very easy to get excited, angry, afraid for the fate of some protagonists and hope that, for others, everything will work out for the best. On purpose, in our dedicated article, you will find the main ones previews and spoilers about what will happen in the Turkish soap from 12 to 17 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Soap TV
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