Terra Amara, plot of the XL episode of May 5th on Canale 5

Abdulkadir in Bitter Land
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Just a few episodes away from the highly anticipated finale, Bitter land will also be broadcast in the afternoon on Canale 5 Sunday 5 May 2024. It will be an XL appointment, as usual, which will start around 14pm and end around two hours later, when the line will switch to Verissimo. But what will happen? We anticipate that, finally, Fekeli's murder will have justice and that the person responsible will end up in prison, albeit not for long. Who will it be? And how will he end up? Let's find out together.

Bitter Earth of May 5th, Abdulkadir arrested for murder

After Ali Riza's revelations to the prosecutor, the prison doors will open for Abdulkadir. In fact, shortly before leaving Cukurova, the man will be stopped by the guards and thrown into prison. A real blow for both Keskin and Hakan who will promise himself to free his friend as soon as possible.

Fikret hero of Cukurova

For Fikret these will be intense moments and full of satisfaction. Finally, the death of his beloved uncle, with the arrest of Abdulkadir, received justice and he will be able to sleep peacefully. Intra Cukurova will be grateful to him for the investigations carried out and for the epilogue. At the same time, the entire citizenry will accompany Abdulkadir to prison with contempt. Hard blow also for Vahap who will be among those who just can't accept that his brother has ended up behind bars.

A strange challenge between Gaffur and Rasit in Terra Amara

On a much "lighter" front, Rasit will show up at the estate aboard an old sidecar and Gaffur will not fail to make fun of him. For this will challenge him in a speed race: he will have to beat it together with the pickup. Gaffur, however, will be so caught up in the challenge that he will forget to check his fuel levels. In the middle of the race he will run out of petrol and, for this reason, Rasit and his sidecar will be the winners.

Everyone will then make fun of Cevriye and they will deceive her by claiming that Rasit and Fadik earn much more than her. A moment of true fun in which little Uzum will also take part, taking charge of the adults' game and having a lot of fun too.

Hakan helps Abdulkadir escape

As he promised himself at the time of his arrest, Hakan will be able to come up with a plan which, in the end, will allow him to help Abdulkadir escape. To achieve this, however, he will lie to Zuleyha once again, breaking her promise of sincerity. Altun, however, will be able to forgive him for the umpteenth time as long as it is, this time for real, her last deception.

Betul and Sermin hide at Fusun's house

Thrown out of the house and completely in despair, the dramatic moments will continue for Sermin and Betul. The two women they will hide at Fusun's house without her knowing about it. But it won't end here: Sermin will order large quantities of groceries and she will have them delivered right to her friend's house claiming that this will then pay the bill. More trouble ahead?

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