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Very important week for Bitter land and for all his fans the one that opens today, Monday 26 February, and it will end Saturday 2 March 2024. Two evening appointments (exceptionally both Thursday 29 February and Friday 1 March) and an XL appointment (on Saturday afternoon), together with the classic afternoon appointments (from Monday to Saturday at 14pm on Canale 10) will lead to an incredible leap in the plot of a soap that, in its ride towards the grand finale, promises sparks. Curious to find out what will happen to Zuleyha & Company? Here are all the plots, day by day.

Bitter Earth, plot of the episode of Monday 26 February 2024

Il Hakan's secret will be in danger: the Betul's blackmail letter it will be intercepted by Zuleyha and, for this reason, the man will have to immediately run for cover. He'll make up an excuse with his beloved: he will tell her that it was a woman with whom he had an affair in the past who wrote to him! What is actually a letter of threats will therefore be transformed into a letter of love! FikretHowever, he will not be willing to give in and will try in every way to convince his sister-in-law that Mehmet Kara is not who he says he is.

Bitter Earth, plot of the episode of Tuesday 27 February 2024

What happens when someone takes something for granted without having come to terms with reality? Obviously disappointment is around the corner! This is what will happen to gaffur that he had thought, ever since Saniye's death, that he would become the new chief of staff. Too bad it won't be like this: Zuleyha will decide to hold elections with which it will be established who, in fact, will be the Saniye's successor. What a blow to Mr. Taskin!

Bitter Earth, plot of the episode of Wednesday 28 February 2024

Election campaign in full swing in Villa Yaman. In an atmosphere that, despite everything, will seem to have returned to normality, Gaffur and Rasit (the two candidates for the position of head of labourers) yes they will compete for victory with promises to those who will vote for them. Who will win? The threats of Betul, then, they will turn against her: she will come kidnapped by Guncor and his henchmen. The goal will be only one: to keep her quiet!

Terra Amara, plot of the afternoon and evening episodes of Thursday 29 February 2024

The protagonist of the episode will be Zuleyha: the woman will have Erdil kidnapped who, days earlier, had tried to abuse her. He will threaten him: if he does violence to other women he will be killed! Colak will go to Villa Yaman but Hakan will send him away before he can talk to Altun. Speaking of Hakan: someone will try to kill him, by some miracle he won't get into the car which will blow up. An intimidating act that will alarm Zuleyha: If someone wants to kill Hakan, she and her children could be in danger too.

Will continue on head to head between Rasit and Gaffur to become head of the main while Lutfiye will be elected city councilor. Time for heavy accusations against Cukurova: Fikret will accuse Abdulkadir in front of everyone of having assassinated Ali Rahmet Fekeli while Zuleyha will drag Betul before the judge. Sermin's daughter will try to ask Colak for help: but she will be blackmailed into getting it. What will the old lord of Cukurova want from her? Zuleyha will be increasingly suspicious e she will ask Fikret to help her find out if Mehmet is hiding something... just as Hakan is about to reveal everything to her!

Terra Amara, plot of the afternoon and evening episode of Friday 1 March 2024

Moments of tension at Villa Yaman between Fadik and Cevriye while Zuleyha will lose more and more trust towards Hakan: for Altun, Vahap's words will begin to have a basis. Vahap himself will be cornered by Fikret and Cetin who will force him to give them the address of a certain Kathali: only he will be able to tell them there truth about Hakan.

During their trip to Lebanon, the two will find out everything about Mr. Gumusoglu's secret and will be ready to return to Turkey. Too bad that civil war will break out and the Lebanese government will impose the closure of the borders: no one will be able to enter or leave the country and they they will get stuck there. Zuleyha, who will not be able to trace them and will have, in the meantime, also lied to Lutfiye, will ask for a hand to Hakan which, however, he will be furious: why instead of asking him directly did the woman send the two men to Lebanon to investigate him?

Bitter Earth, plot of the XL episode of Saturday 2 March 2024

Hakan will suspect a certain holiday for the missed attack he suffered and will ask precisely to Vahap to track him down. What a surprise when he will find it together with Colak: Vahap will see the latter kill the man who was with him! Fikret and Cetin, meanwhile, will be always stuck in Lebanon: Zuleyha will try to track down the Ministry to return them to their homeland.

Fake move by Cevriye who will spy regarding this phone call and that, for this reason, he will make enrage Zuleyha. Either she will remain in her place from now on or she will be fired. Disappointment ahead for Sermin: the woman will think she's almost settled since she will believe that Colak wants to marry her. It's a pity that she will see him arrive at the restaurant with Betul and he will be stunned. HakanFinally, he will decide to help Zuleyha, despite everything. He will leave for Beirut in search of Cetin and Fikret.

Here we are at the end of our journey in the daily plots of up to March 2, 2024. While waiting to know the future evolution in detail, you might discover, in our dedicated article, when and how Terra Amara will end as well as what future awaits its protagonists.

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