Earthquake in Naples, strong shock in Campi Flegrei on 8 June

The tranquility of the city of Naples has been recently disturbed by a seismic event. The earthquake occurred in the area of Solfatara and throughout Naples and has raised much anxiety among residents.

Technical specifications of the seismic event

La INGV Operations Room Campi Solfatara of Naples carefully monitored the seismic phenomenon, recorded at 04 pm. As regards the magnitude, the analyzes are currently in progress but the magnitude was smaller than the last earthquakes. The depth of the earthquake will probably be between 2 and 3 km which are a feature recurring in the geology of the place.

These details were provided byNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), reference entity for seismology and volcanology in Italy.

Useful information and numbers

If you have any questions or concerns, there are contact numbers readily available. There Municipal Police Operations Centre can be contacted on 081/8551891, while for the Civil protection the number to call is 081/18894400. These organizations represent the pillars for emergency management and territorial protection.

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