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Archaeological Park of Elea-Velia, reopens the ancient Greek theater

Greek theatre

In the Archaeological Park of Elea-Velia the ancient Greek theater of 400 BC reopens and soon you can also visit!

After various extraordinary maintenance works, the ancient Greek Theater, found around the 80s in Archaeological Park of Elea-Velia, becomes accessible to visitors again.

Maintenance interventions, for a final amount of 158 thousand euros, were necessary to arrange the seats of the ancient structure, for the elimination of weeds and for the presence of water infiltrations that threatened the integrity of the entire building and therefore to protect the ancient monument. 

Thanks to these special interventions, the ancient Greek Theater will also be able to host theater show and as soon as possible, visitors will be able to enter the cavea of ​​the Theater which was previously not accessible to them.

The ancient Greek Theater of Elea-Velia

The ancient Greek Theater located in the Archaeological Park of Elea-Velia was built around 400 BC and it stood on the south-eastern side of the acropolis of the Magna Graecia city.

Later the theater underwent restructuring thus reaching the pinnacle of its beauty in imperial era. It is a truly evocative place that is worth a visit as soon as the places of culture become accessible again.

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