Campania Beer Expo at the MANN in Naples: dates and programme

Wednesday, 24/05/2023
Andrew Navarro

In response to the needs of the sector, theCampania Craft Beer Exhibition, the first event of its kind at regional level. This fair was promoted by theDepartment of Productive Activities of the Campania Region with the aim of enhancing and promoting craft and agricultural beer. A very particular location of excellence was chosen for the event, the MANN.

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The promotion of craft beer

The main focus is on promote the identification and valorisation of craft beer and agricultural Bell. This through events of information, promotion and enhancement of the product "craft and agricultural beer of Campania". L'Campania Craft Beer Exhibition represents one of these opportunities and is part of a broad strategy aimed at enhancing the enormous agro-food heritage of Campania, with the aim of generating a significant impact on the regional socio-economic system.

Details on the Campania Craft Beer Exhibition

L'Campania Craft Beer Exhibition Will be held the And June 5 6 2023 at MANN - National Archaeological Museum - of Naples from 17.00 at 22.00 hours, a place of great cultural and historical value. The event is aimed at all beer lovers and professionals in the sector, offering a series of activities such as tastings, masterclasses and BeerLABs, as well as B2B meetings.

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The official program

5 June 2023 - Day dedicated to operators

  • Hours 15.00: Opening of the event
  • Pm at 15.30 20.30: B2B Dating
  • Hours 15.30: Panel discussion "Authentically Campana: craft beer from the beginning to biodiversity" with contributions from:
    • Campania region
    • Paolo Giulierini, Director MANN-National Archaeological Museum of Naples
    • Victor Ferraris, National President of Unionbirrai
    • Thomas Luongo, Regional President of AIS Campania
    • Kuaska, Taster and International Judge
    • Theo Musso, National President of the "Italian Beer Consortium", Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of Italian Craft Beer from the Agricultural Supply Chain
  • Hours 17.30: Masterclasses "Campania capital of pizza and beer" with contributions from:
    • Joseph Pignalosa, pizza maker
    • Joseph Frulio, Sommelier of AIS Naples Beer
    • Luciano Pignataro, Journalist
  • Hours 19.00: Masterclasses "The biodiversity of the territory as an ingredient of beer" with Alfonso Del Forno, food and wine journalist and UBT regional representative (Unionbirrai Beer Tasters)

6 June 2023 - Open to the public and operators

  • Pm at 17.00 22.00: Tasting itinerary with tasting tables, Giardino della Vanella
  • Pm at 17.00 22.00: B2B Dating
  • Hours 17.00: BeerLAB"How to communicate craft beer?" with contributions from:
    • Antonio Romanelli, Hoppy Ending, Naples
    • Fabrizio Ferretti, Must - Beer & Spirits, Naples
    • Gabriel Pollio, Delegate AIS Naples
  • Hours 18.00: Masterclasses "Taste balance" with contributions from:
    • Gabriel Pollio, Delegate AIS Naples
    • Kuaska, Taster and International Judge
  • Hours 19.00: Campania Region Space, Garden of Vanella
  • Hours 19.30: Space AIS Campania, Garden of Vanella
  • Hours 20.00: BeerLAB"Beer and tourism: Campania to discover"

Contacts and information


Information about the event

  • Where: MANN, National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • When: from Monday 05 June 2023 to Tuesday 06 June 2023, from 17:00 to 22:00
  • Prezzi:
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