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An extraordinary phenomenon is invading the world of music and cinema, combining two artistic platforms in a unique event. If you are passionate about both, get ready for one unprecedented merger which is about to land in cinemas around the world.

The Eras Tour arrives in all cinemas

This is not the usual filmed concert. “The Eras Tour” is going further, turning the movie theater into a virtual stage. From surround sound to high definition images, the experience aims to recreate the magic of a live concert, with the added comfort of cinema seats.

What is The Eras Tour

“The Eras Tour” is a cinematic event which celebrates the American pop singer's self-titled tour Taylor Swift. Directed by Sam Wrench and starring a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes, the film offers a comprehensive overview of the tour, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in a unique musical experience. This project represents not just a concert film, but a real one cultural experience, which tells through music the different phases of Taylor Swift's career, hence the name "The Eras Tour".

The peculiarity of this event also lies in its interactive dimension: The use of clothing inspired by The Eras Tour is strongly encouraged and friendship bracelets from the audience, creating an environment that transcends the traditional format of cinema and elevates it to a collective and participatory event.

But what makes “The Eras Tour” so special? It's a journey through the different eras of music, combining genres, styles and artists into one exhilarating performance. Imagine an all-encompassing tour de force, from classical music to rock, from jazz to pop.

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International success

It is no surprise that “The Eras Tour” has already become a planetary success. Since its premiere, tickets have been sold out in several cities around the world.

The event also established new sales records, proving that the formula is not only innovative but also extremely popular. Its size is such that in the cities where it took place the average turnover of local businesses has risen exponentially as the concert date approaches.

Critical praise

And it's not just the fans who are ecstatic. Critics were equally positive, praising the event for its originality and ability to create an immersive experience. Many reviewers have emphasized how “The Eras Tour” succeeds capture the essence of a live concert, while still offering something completely new.

The Eras Tour lineup

As for the set list, each show is a musical time travel, but with a contemporary twist. So expect i timeless classics alongside new releases, flawlessly performed by an ensemble of exceptional artists. It is an experience that changes from night to night, making each screening unique.

The Eras Tour lineup is designed to be an emotional journey through the various eras of music.

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Although the specific list of songs may vary from one projection to another, in general the structure of the lineup follows this model:

Phase 1: Classical and Baroque

The event begins with a blast from the past, taking the audience back in time with compositions by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. It is a tribute to the masters who laid the foundations for music as we know it today.

Phase 2: Jazz and blues

After the warmth of the violins and pianos, comes the turn of the saxophone and the trumpet. This section celebrates icons like Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, and offers a taste of American musical culture from the early 900s.

Phase 3: Rock and Pop of the 60s and 70s

Here the pace accelerates. Electric guitars take over, and the event pays homage to legends like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. It's the moment where rock meets pop, and the room becomes a all-round concert.

Phase 4: Disco and Funk

It's dance music's turn. Big hits from artists like Donna Summer and James Brown will get everyone out of their seats. The atmosphere becomes festive, almost like a vintage disco.

Phase 5: Modern Hip-Hop and R&B

The event ends with some of the most influential names of the contemporary musical panorama. From Jay-Z to Beyoncé, from Drake to Rihanna, this phase is a tribute to the power and importance of modern music.


It couldn't be missed a great ending, often reserved for a live performance or surprise collaboration between artists from different eras. It's the moment when all musical eras merge into one unforgettable show.

How to buy tickets and other information

If you're ready to become part of this phenomenon, tickets are available online and at participating theaters. Hurry, because with the excitement it's generating, chances are that i places will be sold out quickly. For further details, visit the official website or follow updates on social media.

For this special event, there is a limit of 10 tickets per customer. Resale of tickets and replacement with others are expressly prohibited. There are no refunds and no discounts will be applied for online purchases. If you are interested in the merchandise, know that it will only be available while supplies last.

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • Uci Cinemas starting from €21,80 including presale
  • The Space Cinemas starting from €21,89 including presale
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