The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode plot of November 22nd. Tancredi hit by a car!

The Paradise of the Ladies

Fans of The Ladies' Paradise 8 hold onto your seats as the episode awaits us on Wednesday November 22, 2023 seems destined to leave its mark. Unfortunately, what will attract the attention of all of us will be a tragedy. Tancredi, threatened by Vittorio, will become furious with Diletta and will then decide to go to battle directly with Conti.

Suddenly, however, the Sant'Erasmo will be struck by an unexpected tragedy: a car will hit him. In the meantime, up Agata there will be pressure regarding the drawing course while Conti will decide to entrust an important task to Marcello.. Someone, however, will plot against him!

The Ladies' Paradise 8 previews, Tancredi has a serious accident

Under Vittorio's blackmail, Tancredi was forced to confess its responsibilities regardingfire at the Frigerio furniture factory. He was the one who caused it this drama and now that Umberto knows about it, he won't be able to believe his ears.

Tancredi will decide to take revenge on Diletta because of the dossier left to Vittorio. He will ask her to get to work to get Conti in trouble but he will receive a clear refusal. His threats, therefore, will not have any kind of effect. Because of this Tancredi will decide to face Vittorio but there will be a dramatic unexpected event on his way. He will be hit by a car while Vittorio will be shocked.

Previews Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Vittorio and Marcello finally at peace?

If the relations between Vittorio and Marcello were not good, we will see a decisive change of direction on the part of the Accounts. Indeed, the boy will offer Barbieri the opportunity to return to work at Paradiso: he will entrust him with an important task, namely the new advertising campaign. Marcello will be thrilled but he will have someone to watch out for, Umberto, ready to hinder him in any way.

Roberto, starting to work with Agata and seeing her sketches, will be impressed. In the wake of this Delia will try to convince Puglisi to enroll in the much-coveted drawing course. Maria's sister, however, will not agree and that is why Delia he will ask Roberto himself to speak to Agata and convince her of her potential.

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, when it is broadcast and where to see it

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, on Rai Uno, except for the weekend, 15: 55 about. Alternatively you can follow it on RaiPlay, live streaming or on demand. Saturday afternoon, at 16pm, they air repeat of the whole week. Unmissable!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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