The Ladies' Paradise 8, week plots from 20 to 24 November 2023

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The Ladies' Paradise 8 opens the doors to one new week which promises to be full of new features and unexpected twists. Get ready because we will start immediately with a bang: it will be impossible not to remain in suspense for all five events that await us.

We remind you that, as always, Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 awaits you on Rai Uno, from Monday to Friday, starting from 15pm about. Let's find out together now what will happen from 20 to 24 November 2023: here are the latest previews!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Monday 20 November 2023

Marcello will be disappointed by Vittorio for the exclusion from the management of the Paradise and he will find himself having to ask for help from Matteo who, instead, works there as an accountant. Vito will be very busy to best realize his project with the Colombo factory while Maria will surprise everyone with a new dress. For Tancredi, finally, will be the moment of reckoning: Vittorio will face him with an unexpected ultimatum.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Tuesday 21 November 2023

Maria will have made her decision: she will stay next to Vito! To prove it to him, she will organize a party for him, involving all the Venuses. Vito, for his part, will do the same by asking Matteo for a hand, this time. He has no idea what feelings the boy has for Puglisi!! Vittorio will take a step back with Marcello while Tancredi will admit: he is behind the fire at the furniture factory. How will Matilde react?

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Wednesday 22 November 2023

Vittorio and Marcello will appear more and more open towards each other: Accounts, in particular, will give a very important assignment at Barbieri. Delia will want to convince Agata to take a drawing course while Tancredi will go and take it out on Diletta for the ultimatum received. Since he will not get what he hoped for, Saint Erasmus he will clash directly with Vittorio. However, something tragic will happen: will be hit by a car!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Thursday 23 November 2023

After the accident, Tancredi will arrive at the hospital in conditions that are anything but comforting. Vittorio will be literally shocked by what happened while, in the meantime, Matteo will understand that Umberto is hiding something serious and that his intent could be precisely to cheat his brother. His intervention will prove providential. Matteo he will then confess to Maria that he agreed to help Vito but she won't do it if all this makes her uncomfortable (after the kiss that happened!).

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Friday 24 November 2023

Tancredi will be hospitalized but his condition will improve considerably. Given what happened, Vittorio will decide not to interfere any longer in the relationship between Matilde and Sant'Erasmo: it will be an unexpected gesture from the latter that will perhaps lead to a change of heart. What will he do?

Agata, in the meantime, will be disappointed and taken aback when her father categorically prevents her from attending the drawing course. Matteo and Marcello will manage to put Umberto against the wall. Now for Matteo the time will come: he will confess the reasons why the loan shark persecutes him. Why did he take on the debt? We'll find out very soon!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram profile @ilparadisodellesignorerai
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