The Ladies' Paradise 8, week plots from 27 November to 1 December 2023

The Paradise of the Ladies

The Ladies' Paradise 8 continues its journey in what is a journey made of emotions and unforgettable twists. And it will be like this, based on the latest previews, also in week from 27 November to 1 December 2023. Five episodes not to be missed and which will leave indelible marks. Ready to find out more? Here are the plots day by day.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Monday 27 November 2023

Il competition for the best job in Milan will create quite a bit of commotion in Paradise where Irene will decide to get involved. And she will be even more certain of it when she knows that she will have to clash with a much-hated rival. We will find out why the Puglisi will oppose Agata's attendance of the drawing course while Matilde will make a choice shocking: her marriage is over!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Tuesday 28 November 2023

While Irene will prepare with ever greater vehemence for the competition, Agata will talk to Roberto about the coveted drawing course. Matteo will be forced, from a request from Vito and from an unexpected series of events, to see Maria again and Tancredi will know that he cannot operate. For this reason he will be more determined than ever to leave the hospital. Some, however, will oppose...

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Wednesday 29 November 2023

Agata will have made her choice: she will participate in the course even against the advice of her family. RobertoHowever, he will find out and in an attempt to bring peace back to the Puglisi household, he will talk to Ciro. Matteo will accompany Maria out of town: it will be unexpected news for the girl but she will have to accept it. Someone, however, will shock her by revealing Portelli's true feelings in his regards. Matilda he won't want to know anything more about Tancredi e will leave the Villa.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Thursday 29 November 2023

Armando will learn, like others, that Matteo has feelings for Maria. Irene will be worried: will have the real fear of not being able to win the competition while Agata will make a surprising decision due to an argument between the mother and father. Tancredi, not finding Matilde in the Villa, it will be furious. He will immediately think that the woman is at Vittorio's and will go to the man with the intention of clarifying things.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, episode of Friday 1 December 2023

The day of the competition final will finally arrive. Irene will discover that the handsome Leonardo will also be on the jury while Cyrus, long last, he will take a step back and allow Agata to attend the course of drawing. Matilda she will also decide to go back and will return to the Villa. Waiting for her, however, another bad discovery: Vittorio knew everything about the fire and he never told her about it! A real shock!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram profile @ilparadisodellesignore8
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