Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, previews and plot of the November 21st episode. A terrible confession!

Tancred and Matilda

The emotions for all de fans continue at full speed The Ladies' Paradise 8 which, even with today's episode Tuesday November 21, 2023, they will have something to worry about. In fact, the previews reveal that the upcoming event will be an unforgettable event.

Remember thefire at Matilde's furniture factory caused by Tancredi? Well, if the truth has remained hidden until now, today it will come to light. Sant'Erasmo will be forced to confess everything to his wife: how will he react? Maria, in the meantime, will decide to give herself a second chance with Vito and, for this reason, she will decide to organize a surprise for him.. ClarificationsInstead, between Vittorio and Marcello!

The Ladies' Paradise 8 previews: Tancredi confesses everything, he's in trouble!

Tancredi pushed his hand a little too far in his attempt to ruin things Vittorio and, now that Conti knows everything, he has decided to make his rival pay. Determined to do everything, he pulled out the famous Diletta e dossier he threatened Tancredi, forcing him to confess really unexpected.

Precisely at a moment in which Saint Erasmus was intent on trying to make his wife forgive him, he had to confess something much more serious: it was he who set fire to his family furniture factory. How do you think Matilde will react? Please note: however: before Tancredi can talk to Matilde something terrible will happen again... An accident will shock everyone!

Previews The Ladies' Paradise 8: Maria chooses Vito

Vito and Maria, it is now certain, they will be able to stay in Milan. Mary he will be happy and will decide to give himself a second chance with his partner. She will throw a party for him, asking her friends for help. She won't know that, at the same time, Vito will do the same by asking Matteo for a hand this time, unaware of Portelli's feelings for the girl.

In the meantime, the “unpleasant” situation between Vittorio and Marcello will see a solution. If, in fact, Conti tried in every way to distance Barbieri from the management of Paradiso, things will change today. Marcello, helped by Matteo, will manage to return to the boutique to work. One thing, however, is certain: Vittorio will not have forgotten the "wrongs" he suffered and will keep a particular eye on Marcello and his actions.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, when and where to see it

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, from Monday to Friday, at 15 pm, on Rai Uno. Alternatively, all episodes are also available in free streaming, on RaiPlay, both live and on demand. Isn't that enough for you? On Rai Premium, Saturday afternoon at 16pm, all the reruns of the week are broadcast. Not to be missed!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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