Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, previews and plot today 20 November. Tancredi trapped!

The Paradise of the Ladies

Fans of The Ladies' Paradise 8, are you ready for a new and exciting week with your favorite series? You will have reason to know since the previews relating to today's episode, Monday 20 November 2023, herald a truly crackling debut week full of twists and turns.

All the knots will come to a head, or at least a good part of them, and Tancredi will find himself, despite himself, with his back against the wall. He will receive an unexpected ultimatum from someone who will have all the weapons to blackmail him. Do you remember Diletta's dossier? Well, it has something to do with it! Marcello will ask Matteo for help for a thorny issue while Maria will defeat the competition with a new creation. Here are the details.

The Ladies' Paradise 8 previews: An ultimatum for Tancredi

Tancredi he really did all sorts of things just to be able to excel over everyone else. Yet, even for him things will start to get bad since will receive an unexpected ultimatum from Vittorio. A great blow to the pride and plans of Saint Erasmus who will now have to defend himself from the one who, until a few days before, he had tried to destroy.

Conti will have the certainty of being able to use the iron fist with Tancredi due to (or thanks to) Diletta's dossier. He has discovered that everything contained within it corresponds to the truth: Fiorenza's visit (thus taking revenge on Tancredi) will only have confirmed everything. What will happen now with Matilde?

Previews The Ladies' Paradise 8: Vittorio takes out Marcello

But Vittorio will not only be busy on the "Tancredi" front, since he will also have a lot to do with the management of Paradiso. And precisely from this, the Conti will increasingly oust Marcello that he will feel really betrayed and disappointed by the man who, certainly, will have no intention of retracing his steps.

Caught up in despair and disappointment, Barbieri will only have one thing left to do: turn to Matteo to ask him for a hand to resolve this complicated matter. We're sure that his stepbrother won't back down, but how will he help him?

Maria, meanwhile, will get an incredible revenge on the competition. It will make a stunning dress for the Christmas collection which will truly leave everyone in suspense. All the while Vito will be immersed more than ever in his idea to stay in Milan. In short, things seem to be going well...

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, when it airs and where

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, except weekends, on Rai Uno, starting at 15pm about. On Premium Rai, on Saturdays, are broadcast instead all replicas. Alternatively, the appointment with Paradise is available anywhere and at any time on RaiPlay, thanks to streaming services (live or on demand).

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram profile @ilparadisodellesignore8
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