The Ladies' Paradise 8, previews of the November 24th episode: Matteo's secret revealed..

The Paradise of the Ladies

Fans of The Ladies' Paradise 8, are you ready for new emotions and twists? The episode of Friday 24 November 2023, in fact, promises to be worthy of the task entrusted to it: closing a week full of suspense. After the accident we will see Tancredi visibly improve. Vittorio will decide to abandon his sights on Matilde but Tancredi will shock everyone with an unexpected decision.

Matteo and Marcello will have recovered the right complicity and will find themselves busy trying to stop Umberto and his plan. Matteo will then decide to confide in his brother: he will reveal his secret to him, or the reason why the loan shark pursues him. Agatefinally will be particularly disappointed: Ciro will have forbidden her to attend the drawing course that she cares about so much. Here are all the details!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, Matteo reveals his secret to Marcello

Matteo and Marcello will slowly recover the relationship that fate prevented them from having in the past. The fact that Matteo, then, have literally saved Marcello from yet another low blow from Umberto, will only increase the trust between the two brothers.

Matteo will feel particularly close to Marcello, to the point that will decide to reveal it to him a very important aspect of his life. Finally Barbieri will knowand the reasons why the brother is the victim of the loan shark. The truth will finally come out and, you can bet, it will have very strong repercussions..

Previews Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, Tancredi disturbs everyone with an unexpected decision

Tancredi he went through a really difficult time. A car, in fact, hit him, leading him to an emergency hospitalization and conditions that were anything but simple. Fortunately, however, Sant'Erasmo you will feel much better and everyone will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Vittorio will decide, after being very scared for Tancredi, to step aside and let Matilde stay with her husband. Everything, however, will suddenly change when Saint Erasmus himself he will do something that will immediately upset everyone! What?

Agate, in the meantime, will be forced to collect a decided no by the father that the will immediately deny the possibility of enrolling in the drawing course that he would really like to attend. Is it possible that the young Puglisi gives up so quickly? Will this be Ciro's final decision? We'll find out very soon!

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, when is it broadcast and where?

The Ladies' Paradise 8 goes on the air from Monday to Friday, at approximately 15pm, on Rai Uno. Alternatively, the events of Paradise are available on RaiPlay, streaming for free, or on Rai Premium, with reruns for the entire week.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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