The Ladies' Paradise 8, previews today 29 November: Maria discovers that Matteo loves her..

Matthew and Mary close to the Ladies' Paradise 8

The advances of The Ladies' Paradise 8 aired today, Wednesday 29 November 2023, at around 15.55pm on Rai Uno, they announce an episode full of twists and turns, in full respect of the past few days. Maria she will discover that Matteo will be the one to accompany her out of town but how do you think she will react?

Shocking revelations will then arrive for the young woman! Someone will tell her that Matteo has feelings for her.. his reaction will be shocking! Matilde will decide to leave the Villa and Roberto will make a decision: he will talk to Ciro in an attempt to help Agata. But will she really listen to him? Here's what we'll see today.

The Paradise of the Ladies previews: Mary discovers Matteo's feelings

Vito, due to an unexpected event, he will not be able to leave Milan and, for this reason, he will think about ask Matteo to accompany his partner out of town. Portelli will have no choice but to accept, given the urgency of the errands to be completed. Maria will be slightly shocked when she knows that with her there will be that very boy with whom she is well aware of having created a great feeling, before choosing Vito again.

But that won't be all! Maria will also have another reason to be shocked! Someone (but we won't reveal who!) he will tell her that Matteo is in love with her. Puglisi's reaction will be unexpected. What will he do? Will she decide to walk away? Will she pretend nothing happened? We'll find out very soon!

Previews Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8: Matilde leaves Tancredi

Matilde will never be able to forgive Tancredi! The disappointment linked to the discovery that her husband was responsible for the fire at the furniture factory represented a real shock. For this reason she will take one final decision: leave Tancredi e, Consequently, the villa where she lived with him.

MatildaHowever, the disappointments will not be over. She will certainly pack her bags, she will prepare to leave home but will come to know, in spite of himself, that Tancredi wasn't the only one who betrayed her and to keep such a big secret from her. Someone unexpected, in fact, did the same thing! And finding out will be terrible!

Finally, Agata will have decided to enroll, secretly from her family, in the drawing course. Roberto, however, believing very much in his talent, he will decide to go to Ciro and talk to him in the hope of being able to convince him to support your daughter's potential. Will Mr Puglisi finally take a step back?

The Ladies' Paradise 8, when and where to see it

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, from Monday to Friday, on Rai Uno, starting at 15pm about. Alternatively, you can follow the episodes via streaming free on RaiPlay (both on demand and live) or reruns throughout the week on Rai Premium every Saturday starting from 16: 10.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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