The Promise, episodes from 20th to 24th November

Jana The Promise

Spanish television drama The promise, broadcast on Canale 5, promises to be full of twists and turns in the upcoming episodes from 20 to 24 November 2023.

What's going on around Candela's disappearance?

Plot of The Promise of Monday 20 November 2023

It's in the foreground the disappearance of Candela from La Promessa, which alarms Lope and Simona. The two, worried, worked to hide what happened from Don Gregorio and Petra, finding in Teresa a temporary replacement for Candela. Meanwhile, Lorenzo wastes no time and uses the opportunity to create discord, trying to pit Curro against Aunt Cruz in a family power game. In parallel, Jimena comes face to face with Catalina, scolding her for having brought Manuel's passion for flying back to light, despite the Marquise's ban. Determined, Jimena decides to do everything she can to prevent Manuel from continuing to fly, thus showing his strong influence on the characters. In the end, Jana receives a new assignment: he will work temporarily in the dukes' house

Plot of The Promise of Tuesday 21 November 2023

Catalina, after selling the jam, decides to reinvest the proceeds for expand production, showing his entrepreneurial initiative and desire to grow. Meanwhile, Alonso try to resolve tensions with Martina, apologizing over a previous disagreement, a moment that illuminates their relationship and the characters' emotional complexity. What makes the plot even more intriguing is the anticipation of Petra a Teresa regarding the availability of a vacancy as a personal maid.

Plot of The Promise of Wednesday 22 November 2023

The fulcrum of the episode is represented by a significant moment between Manuel and Jana: Manual decides to open up, revealing his feelings to Jana. This confession happens just before Jana leaves for the house of dukes of Los Infantes, where she is called upon to help the servants manage arriving guests.

In parallel, Curro and Martina they organize a picnic.

Plot of The Promise of Thursday 23 November 2023

One of the salient elements is the comparison between Lorenzo and Catalina, which develops around the management of La Promessa's resources. Lorenzo, questioning Catalina's abilities, suggests that she should step aside, an intrusion that not only reveals internal tensions but also a struggle for power and control.

Meanwhile, Candle, after a short absence, he returns and decides to face it Simona, declaring his opinion desire to cut all ties with her.

Finally, Candela decides to make a confession to Don Gregorio, admitting that she had not really been unwell and that her companions had covered for her by telling a lie.

Plot of The Promise of Friday 24 November 2023

Manual, deeply connected to the world of aviation, finds himself investigating the mysterious disappearance of his books on aviation. His passion for flying, which had been a central element in his life, resurfaces, suggesting a possible return to the skies of the same. This quest leads to a confrontation with the butler Romulo, which assures him of never having voluntarily thrown away books.

In parallel, Candle he experiences a moment of surprise when he discovers Teresa intent on writing a letter. The maid confesses that she wants to ask her old masters to rehire her, a detail that opens a window into Teresa's personal life and her aspirations.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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