The Voice Senior, March 1st, judges, who sings, how it works and previews

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The Voice Senior returns to illuminate the evenings of Rai 1 with her fourth season. This edition stands out for the presence of unexpected talents e exciting stories brought to the stage by singers over 60. Antonella Clerici, loved by the Italian public, returns to lead the show with her unmistakable sympathy, ready to introduce us to a musical journey that touches the heart e soul.

The Voice Senior, judges, who sings, how it works and previews

The Voice Senior 2024 episode lineup of March 1st: the Blind Auditions

La third episode of “The Voice Senior 2024” will proceed with the highly anticipated Blind auditions, a moment full of emozione e suspense. The magic of “Blind Auditions” represents the beating heart of “The Voice Senior”. Blind auditions are a real test for the contestants, who perform in front of the coaches without being seen. Their voice is the only tool to excite and convince. The coaches, key figures of this phase, are Loredana Berté, Gigi D'Alessio, Clementino and Arisa. Each of them brings their own musical and personal experience, ready to turn and press the button when a voice hits them deeply.

During the evening, we will witness a succession of performances which will highlight the variety , depth of the talent of the participants. Antonella Clerici will guide the audience through this musical journey, interspersing the performances with short films interviews which will allow us to get to know each other better protagonists of the evening.

The fourth season of “The Voice Senior” brings with it interesting things news which add further excitement to the format. One of the most significant introductions is the “Second Chance” button, a new opportunity for coaches to listen to a competitor who, on first listen, didn't convince anyone.

Il competitors' path unfolds through different phases: after the "Blind Auditions", those selected move on to the “Knockout”, the semi-final of the program. Here, each coach refines his team by choosing the best to access the next phase. The competition becomes intense when, at the end of this phase, only six competitors per team they will be chosen to continue. There "The final" represents the culmination of this musical journey, where the audience at home, through televoting, will decide the winner of the season.

What are Blind Auditions and how do they work?

Le Blind auditions they are the beating heart of the program, as well as the most famous part of the broadcast. Young talents perform with the coaches behind us and only their voice can convince coaches to turn their chairs, in that case talent will become part of the coach's team in question.

If more coaches turn around, the little artist has the honor and burden of choosing the coach which will follow him for the rest of the broadcast.

What Battles and Knockouts are and how they work

The phases of Battles and Knockout represent the true battlefield of talent. Here, the contestants must prove their worth, with the coach deciding the fate of each of the participants.

In fact, the Battles and the Knockouts are two phases of the talent show The Voice Kids in which the competitors compete against each other to have a place in the next phase, the Sing-Offs.

In Battles, competitors from the same team they challenge each other two by two. The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors, including voice, stage presence and ability to interpret the song.

Knockouts are similar to Battles, but in this case only one of the competitors advances to the next stage. The coach has the opportunity to save a competitor who has lost the challenge, but he can only do this once for each team.

Here's how they are structured:


  • Competitors from the same team are divided into pairs.
  • The contestants of each couple take turns singing the same song.
  • The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors.


  • Competitors from the same team are divided into groups of three.
  • The contestants from each group perform in turn, singing a song of their choice.
  • The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors.
  • The coach has the opportunity to save a competitor who has lost the challenge, but can only do so once for each team.

What are the Sing-Off phases

Sing-Offs are the final phase of the talent show The Voice Kids, in which contestants from four teams compete for a place in the final.

At this stage, the competitors of each team they perform in turns, singing a song of your choice. The audience at home decides who will advance to the final through televoting. In the event of a tie, the coach decides who will advance to the final.

The Sing-Off phase is one of the most exciting of the program, because the competitors have now reached the final phase and know that victory is one step away.

What's new on The Voice Senior 2024

La fourth season di The Voice Senior is enriched by innovative elements which make the competition even more compelling. Among the most significant introductions we find the silver button, an absolute novelty that allows judge-coaches to offer a second chance to the competitors, if no one turned around during their first performance.

Additionally, the season introduces the “Second Chance” buttona strategy which adds an extra layer of tactics to the game. An option that allows coaches to do re-exhibit a competitor, thus giving life to great moments hope e redemption.

Who are the judges of The Voice Senior 2024

Il group of judges of “The Voice Senior” boasts the presence of four emblematic figures of the Italian musical panorama, each with their own unique style and profound experience in the field.

  • Loredana Bertè, an undisputed icon of Italian music, brings with him a wealth of unmistakable successes and a personality strong and charismatic. His ability to convey emozione e passion makes her an exceptional coach.
  • Gigi D'Alessio, known for his melodies exciting And its profound lyrics, offers competitors its vast experience in the world of light music Italian, leading them with sensibility e intuition.
  • Clementino, a very talented rapper, introduces a breath of freshness e innovation in the program, with its approach dynamic and his ability to play with passwords and rhythms.
  • Arisa, the latest addition to the coaching family, brings hers sweetness, Its artistic sensitivity and an interpretative ability that touches the the heart of the listeners, enriching the team of judges with his versatility.

Together, these four artists form a jury heterogenous e Assessment, ready to discover and enhance the hidden talents among the over 60 competitors.

Who are the guests of The Voice Senior 2024

During the fourth season of “The Voice Senior”, the stage will see the presence of special guests, well-known artists on the Italian and international music scene, who will enrich the episodes with their own exceptional performance.

Although the specific names of the guests remain one surprise highly anticipated by the public, we can expect collaborations exciting and duets unforgettable between these artists and the competitors or coaches.

The Voice Senior 2024: how many episodes are there

La fourth edition of “The Voice Senior” is structured in 7 bets, which will be broadcast every Friday night su Rai 1. This format allows you to follow the evolution of the competitors, from their first appearance in the Blind auditions to the point of emotion final, where the winner will be crowned.

How the race was done

How selections are made

The competition begins with Blind auditions, a phase where i Judges they listen to the contestants' performances without seeing them, basing their choice exclusively on vocal quality. If impressed by the performance, the judges turn at the press of a button to choose that talent for their team.

Le selections they continue until each coach has formed his own team, made up of talents over 60, ready to demonstrate their value in the subsequent stages of the competition.

The steps towards victory

After the initial selections, the competition intensifies with the phases of Battles and knockouts, where competitors compete directly to keep their place on their team and advance in the race. These phases test not only vocal skills but also stage presence and the ability to excite the audience and judges.

The last phase, the Final Live Show, sees the finalists perform in front of the audience and judges for the last time. In this final phase, televoting plays a crucial role, since the viewers will decide who will be the winner of the fourth edition of "The Voice Senior", thus assigning the title based on the public's preferences.

What time does The Voice Senior 2024 air

The Voice Senior 2024 airs on Rai 1 each Friday night 21:30, offering the public a regular appointment with the music and talent of the over 60s. The episodes are also available in streaming su RaiPlay, allowing anyone to follow the program live or catch up on previous episodes on demand, at any time and from any device.

Who are the winners of previous editions of The Voice Senior

Each edition of The Voice Senior has left an indelible mark in the hearts of the public, thanks to the extraordinary talents who have put themselves on the line. Here are the winners who made the history of the show:

  • First edition (2020): the talent and experience of Erminio Sinni they won over the public and the jury, leading him to victory in the team of Loredana Bertè.
  • Second edition (2021-2022): Annibale Giannarelli, with his unique voice and stage presence, triumphed in the team of Gigi D'Alessio, leaving a significant imprint on the show.
  • Third edition (2023): Maria Theresa Royal she stood out for her emotional and profound interpretation, leading the team to victory Clementino.
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