Thursday, June 10, 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

There is no water in Naples, the fault in the water network is being repaired

Because of a failure occurred on the water network yesterday 9 June 2021, late in the evening, in many houses of Fuorigrotta in Naples lack water. ABC, the Neapolitan company Acqua Bene Comune, has repair work started, as you can read on the official Facebook page, but yet the inconveniences continue.

In fact, still today, in the morning of June 10, 2021, many people complain about the lack of water at home, especially in via Leopardi, via Lepanto, via Gianbattista Marino, via Rossetti, via delle Scuole Pie and other areas of the neighborhood.

The company is currently taking care of repair the fault, but the citizens are quite annoyed by this discomfort which has been going on for many hours now.

Unfortunately, the failure was sudden and on the secondary water system and ABC had to shut down the water supply without warning and urgently.

In any case, the restoration is scheduled for today 10 June, according to the company's notice. Following the repair, there may be turbidity phenomena, so it is advisable to let the water run for a few minutes until it becomes clear again.

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