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The announcement of the return of “Agorà – San Sebastiano al Vesuvio II edition” marks the arrival of summer in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio. 22 from June to September 3 2023, Urban park in via Panoramica it will be the scene of a wide range of events, including films, concerts and plays.

Il festival is an offer from Rassegna del Verde 2023, created by Red Carpet, in collaboration with Sirioevents and Napoli Jazz Club. The event has obtained the support of the Municipality of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, the Metropolitan City of Naples and the Campania Region.

Innovations of the 2023 edition and reduced ticket

There are numerous new proposals in this edition. Among the first we note the introduction of the Jazz music and the participation of Maurizio De Giovanni e Marco Zurzolo. The concert Ensemble musicians will present the songs of Pino Daniele and its historic musicians.

The cost of cinema tickets is been reduced to 3,50 euros for films from the European Union.

The event will be inaugurated on 22 June at 21,15 with the concert by Chiara Civello, entitled "I am as I am Tour 2023". Chiara Civello will offer her voice and guitar, accompanied by Dario Bassolino to keyboards, Amin Saleem to the bass e Stefano Costanzo to the battery.

The green area of ​​the festival, spacious and welcoming, will host more than 500 comfortable numbered seats, with the possibility of unnumbered seats only for jazz concerts. A larger and renovated stage will host a different event every day.

Film program

After the inauguration, the event program includes a successful film series, popular comedy shows and enthralling music.

Film June 2023

  • 22nd June: Opening night – Concert by Chiara Civello – I am as I am Tour 2023
  • 23nd June: Film “Mixed by Erry” directed by S. Sibilia/guests cast and the Frattasio brothers
  • 24 25-June: Movie “The Little Mermaid” directed by R. Marshall
  • 27nd June: Film “Mia” directed by I. De Matteo
  • 28nd June: Event "Musicanti Ensemble" concert songs by Pino Daniele
  • 29nd June: Concert event “Elisabetta Serio trio – special guest Javier Girotto”
  • 30nd June: Film “The Fabelmans” by S. Spielberg

Film July 2023

  • 1th July: Film "The sun of the future" directed by N. Moretti
  • 2th July: Carlo Morelli event
  • 4th July: Film “The first day of my life” directed by P. Genovese
  • 5th July: Concert Event “Nick The Nightfly 5et feat. Simona Bencini"
  • 6th July: "Ciro Ceruti" show event
  • 7th July: Film “The Three Musketeers – D'Artagnan” directed by M. Bourboulon
  • 8th July: Film “The Talented Mr. Crocrodile” directed by J. Gordon, W. Speck
  • 9th July: Film “Kidnapped” directed by M. Bellocchio
  • 11th July: Film “The whale” directed by D. Aronofsky
  • 12th July: Film “The spirits of the island” directed by M. McDonagh
  • 13th July: Event Maurizio De Giovanni and Marco Zurzolo
  • 14th July: Film “Scordato” directed by R. Papaleo
  • 15th July: Film “Through friendship” directed by A. Siani
  • 16th July: Film “The return of Casanova” directed by G. Salvatores
  • 18th July: Film “Fast X” directed by L. Leterrier
  • 19th July: Film “The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time” directed by P. Avati
  • 20th July: Paolo Caiazzo show event
  • 21th July: Movie “John Wick 4” directed by C. Stahelski
  • 22th July: Film “Puss in Boots 2” directed by J. Crawford
  • 23th July: Film “Daliland” directed by M. Harron
  • 25th July: “Ultimo Stadio” show event with Marco Lanzuise and Salvatore Turco
  • 26th July: Film “Air” directed by B. Affleck
  • 27th July: Concert event of “Joe Barbieri 4th” taken from Una storia vera live tour 2023
  • 28 of July: film "Not so close" directed by M. Forster
  • 29 of July: movie “DC League of Super-Pets” directed by J. Stern
  • 30 of July: film “Down there someone loves” directed by M. Martone

Movie August 2023

  • August 3th: Kidnapped – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 4th: Drought – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 5th: Minions 2 – How Gru Becomes Despicable – Agora San Sebastiano
  • August 6th: Mixed by Erry – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 8th: Physical Education – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 9th: The Lord of the Ants – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 10th: It's New Suitcase On The Bed – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 11th: The Strangeness – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 12th: Stranizza d'Amuri – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 22th: Neighbors – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 24th: The Immensity – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 26th: Il Sol dell'Avvenire – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • August 29th: I Am the Abyss – Agorà San Sebastiano
  • Where: Municipality of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio
  • When: from Thursday 22 June 2023 to Tuesday 29 August 2023
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