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Villa Volpicelli, history and information

If you have come to this page, you are looking for information on Villa Volpicelli, a structure present in Naples but not everyone is lucky enough to know or have seen with their eyes.

Located in the famous and characteristic district of Posillipo, Villa Volpicelli is now a real monumental structure, overlooking the sea, a place from which you can admire in all its beauty if you turn in the area aboard a boat.

The history of Villa Volpicelli

The first datum that shows its presence in Naples dates back to 1629, in the view of Baratta (engraver), and is recognized by its tall and magnificent cylindrical tower. In the years to come it has become a state property, and was given the nickname of 'fortino' (sometimes it was also called 'turret'). The name is taken from 1884, when Raffaele Volpicelli, a member of a noble Neapolitan family, bought the structure. He had some renovations done so that the villa was restored to its original appearance.

Today it is considered one of the most beautiful villas of Posillipo, and to give even more emphasis to the beauty of this structure, there is the wonderful garden, protected on the outside by a strong wall. It extends to the sea, and goes to touch another adjacent property, or Villa Rosebery.

Some curiosities

A curiosity about this villa is the fact that it was chosen to represent the exterior of Palazzo Palladini, the condominium in which the events of A place in the sun are set, the famous soap opera that airs on Rai Tre. Previously, the outdoor settings were filmed elsewhere, but still in the Posillipo district.

How to reach Villa Volpicelli

Reaching Villa Volpicelli is not really easy since there are no subways nearby.

The best solution is to take the 140 bus line, for example from Piazza Garibaldi it is possible to take the 151 line and make the change with the 140 line.

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Villa Volpicelli

Located in the famous and characteristic Posillipo district, Villa Volpicelli is today a real monumental structure, overlooking the sea, a place from which it can be admired in all its beauty if you wander around the area aboard a boat.
Address:Via Ferdinando Russo
Operating hours: times not available or variable
Admission for visitors is free.