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Cycle lane: the route is already occupied by cars and motorcycles

Only two days have elapsed since the inauguration of the first cycle path in the city of Naples, which already saw the first difficulties. The cycle-pedestrian itinerary that goes from Bagnoli to Piazza Garibaldi also passes through the popular alleys of Duchesca, behind Piazza Garibaldi, which have already been occupied by cars and scooters.

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Although the project concerning the bike path is important for citizens from many points of view, there is still someone who is not happy and who has various reasons to disagree. Indeed, as he explained the councilor Enrico Cella (of the PDL)"In via Duchesca, the vehicular lane is permanently occupied by vehicles in a wild park, the road surface has depressions, holes and in some parts also sinks. It would have been opportune to commit the resources for a redevelopment of the road"

So, according to Councilor Cella, that of the cycle path was a low-priority project because the city of Naples needs quite other rehabilitation works. To demonstrate the fact that many citizens do not believe in the usefulness of the cycle path, Councilor Cella recalled the episode in which the road workers who were drawing the route responded to the question made by residents about what they were doing with the joke: "SWe are on Seriously".

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