Tragedy in the Avellino area, an elderly couple hit while crossing

Saturday, 12/08/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
elderly people who died in the Avellino accident

Life often confronts us with events that shake the soul and leave indelible scars in the heart. An evening that should have been one of celebration and joy turned into a night of pain for the communities of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi e Nusco.

What happened: the dynamics of the accident

The festive air of Threshing Festival was abruptly replaced by a leaden silence when Victor Biancaniello e Lucia Marino were involved in a tragic road accident.

A vehicle driven by a local company employee on his way to work ended their lives in an instant, turning a familiar street into a theater of sadness.

Who were the deceased spouses: an imperishable couple

They weren't just an elderly couple, Victor and Lucy they were a symbol of eternal love and community ties. Coming from Nusco, were familiar faces, loved by all.
Their laughter rang out in the streets, and their love for each other was a living testament to a happy and lasting marriage.

The two were parents of 4 children, whose eldest son is former mayoral candidate Francesco Biancaniello, now a minority councilor.

Investigations by the authorities

This is not just an accident; it's a wound that needs answers. Authorities immediately set to work, trying to piece together the sequence of events that led up to this dark moment. The responsible driver, while overwhelmed, cooperated, but questions remain, and the investigation continues.

The condolences of the community of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi and Nusco

The bells are crying, the streets are silent. A veil of sadness envelops the cities of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi e Nusco. This is not just a personal loss; it is as if a part of the soul of the community has been stripped away. The mayor of Nusco, Antonio Iuliano, expressed his pain:

We are destroyed. Our community gathers around family members. Every home, every family experiences this excruciating pain personally. We are grieved. Now the whole community of Nusco asks for silence and prayers for our dear Vittorio and Lucia

Mayor of Nusco
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