Transport in Naples, temporary suspension of lines C52 and E6

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In the recent communication issued by the ANM, the Neapolitan Mobility Company, significant news emerges regarding public transport lines in Naples.

In particular, the lines C52 and E6 have undergone one temporary suspension.

Update: The lines have been restored

Alert details

ANM has released official communications confirming the temporary suspension of the lines C52 and E6. While the reasons for this measure were not made explicit, it is clear that the service will remain interrupted until new provisions.

The stops of the C52 line

  • Piazza Cavour
  • Via Foria (M)
  • Via Vergini
  • Via Arena to Health
  • Via Sanità
  • Via San Vincenzo alla Sanità
  • Via San Gennaro dei Poveri
  • Piazza Sanità
  • Via Sanità
  • Via Arena to Health
  • Via M. Pagano
  • Piazza Cavour

The stops of the E6 line

  • Piazza Trieste and Trento
  • Piazza Carolina
  • Via Monte di Dio
  • Via Egiziaca in Pizzofalcone
  • Lonely Street
  • Via Caracciolo Console
  • Via Santa Lucia
  • Via Acton
  • Via Dominic Morelli
  • Piazza dei Martiri
  • Via Filangieri
  • Vasto in Chiaia
  • Vico Vetriera
  • Brancaccio ramps
  • Piazza Mondragone
  • Via Nicotera
  • Via Serra
  • Piazza Trieste and Trento

Implications for commuters

The interruption of these two fundamental lines could create significant inconveniences in the routine of commuters and residents of Naples. To date, the ANM provided no alternative plans or modifications to other lines to make up for this lack.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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