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After 6 years in the field of online territorial promotion and after becoming the reference point for those who want to know the events of the city, we have welcomed the need of travelers and created a platform specially designed for them. Not only in Italian, but available in six other languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. And soon many others.

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Discover %% title %%, events and all the information to visit this treasure of Campania. Discover Campania with Napolike.

Vesuvius, one of the most photographed volcanoes in recent centuries. Who can't recognize him in that marvelous postcard, immortalized by the Posillipo hill?

Visiting Vesuvius is a unique experience that is rare to live in nature and appreciate one of the most popular destinations in the world. Here

The Neapolitan islands are beautiful pearls set in the gulf, and each year bring thousands of people from Italy and abroad who want to pass

San Lorenzello (hence the term Borgo to indicate the area) is an Italian municipality made up of 2.243 inhabitants, and is located in the province

The Real Albergo dei Poveri, also called Palazzo Fuga or in the popular use of Reclusorio and Serraglio, is currently the largest monumental palace in Naples.

Information on Castel dell'Ovo in Naples: opening hours, ticket prices, how to get there, contacts (phone number and e-mail address).

The Hermitage of SS. Salvatore was founded in 1585 at the behest of Giovanni D'Avalos, son of Alfonso of Aragon, and later named after the Holy Redeemer. The

The baths of Agnano are a place surrounded by greenery destined to confer benefits to the body and the mind through the properties of its own

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