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Drinks and cocktails in Naples: lounge bars and places to drink in the city

The best drinks and cocktails in Naples

The best cocktails and drinks in Naples in the most popular lounge bars and clubs.

The lounge bars and the places to drink great drinks in Naples There are many, perfect places to spend an evening in the company of friends or partner.
From the renowned small bars in the Chiaia district to elegant local Vomero, passing through the historic center where the most nonconformist environment, there is something for all tastes and at weekends these places come alive even more. The range of cocktails to sip in the lounge bars is very large and it is not uncommon to find fantastic drinks designed by the expert barmen. Below is a list of the best places to drink in Naples.


The Chandelier Cafè is located in Chiaia and is one of the most popular bars in the area. THE'environment is very elegant and youthful clientele and its wide range of drinks and aperitifs makes it a very popular destination for the nightlife of the neighborhood. Cocktails are always accompanied by abundant snacks and varied, often with the free buffet formula, and the staff is always friendly.

The place is not very large so it is not easy to find a seat, but it is also possible to sip a cocktail outside, chatting with friends in the elegant street where it is located.

Where is it: Vico Belledonne in Chiaia, 34 / 35 - 80121 Naples


The Flame is one of the most crowded cocktail bars of the very popular Aniello Falcone, one of the main streets of the Vomero nightlife. The owner and all the staff are always very friendly and attending the restaurant is almost like staying with the family. The offer of drinks to choose from is very wide and it is impossible not to be involved by the vivacity of acrobatic barmen behind the counter. It is perfect both for evening with a group of friends or to spend a few hours with your own half, thanks to the good selection of music of the DJ and the privileged position that allows you to admire the city lights from above.

Where is it: Via Aniello Falcone, 378 - 80127 Naples

Slash Art / msic

It is located in the historic center and is a place frequented also by students. The Slash / Art has a good offer of drinks and is perfect for an aperitif in the late afternoon or evening. He often organizes the famous ones too Aperilingua, thematic evenings where you can learn about the culture of many countries of the world in the presence of always different mother tongue.

The atmosphere is relaxing, thanks to the comfortable sofas, and the music always with company, while the staff is friendly and very friendly. If you want to drink something different, you can ask the expert barman to taste a drink of their creation.

Where is it: Via Vincenzo Bellini, 45 - 80135 Naples

Historical Archive

The Historical Archive is one of the most elegant rooms of Vomero and is divided into two floors with very large rooms. The decor recalls in many details the court of the Bourbons, dynasty that has reigned over Naples up to 1861, and the very experienced barmen are able to prepare many types of cocktails.

Even the wine list is very rich and you can accompany drinks with always abundant cutting boards. Ideal for those who want to spend one chic evening, in the name of refinement, good drink and with a background of company music.

Where is it: Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 30 - 80129 Naples

The Antiquarian

It is one of the lounges in Chiaia, where neither beer nor wine are used for politics. It is indeed the cocktail paradise and the experience of bartenders really makes the difference because they not only know how to quickly and perfectly prepare every type of drink, but they also know how to understand the need of the customer on the fly. Outside it looks like one of the many antique shops in the neighborhood, but once inside you are in a very original place furnished in 30 style, a sort of club of the period of prohibition. The retro style, the red velvet, the sofas, the soft lights, the piano and the variety in the choice of drinks make it a unique restaurant of its kind.

Where is it: Via Vannella Gaetani, 2 -80121 Naples

The Baretto

Another of the famous bars in Via Aniello Falcone, the Baretto is a lounge bar full-blown, perfect for sipping a cocktail or an aperitif with friends. Along with drinks are always served snacks, pretzels and pizzas in good quantity and the staff is very kind and friendly. The place is cozy and quite large inside, while the external space is narrower, but its central position on the road also allows you to admire a beautiful panorama of the city. The music selection gives that extra touch, being often inspired by the Brazilian genre.

Where is it: Via Aniello Falcone, 300 / C - 80127 Naples


The Machè Lounge Bar is located at Pozzuoli and is perfect both for sip traditional drinks and to taste some news. In fact, the barman of the restaurant not only knows how to perfectly prepare many types of cocktails, but is also always meeting the requests of customers who want to taste something special or adapt the drinks to their needs.

Among the specialties, the drink crash, which can only be found in this place as an invention of the bartender.
The Machè is furnished in a refined way and i original light games make the atmosphere even more enjoyable.

Where is it: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 24 - 80078 Pozzuoli (Naples)


If you are looking for a quiet oasis in the city, you can not go to Barril. One of Chiaia's top spots, in the famous baretti area, is a lounge bar with garden which also offers excellent finger food, and whose atmosphere is very relaxing thanks to the jazz background music.

The choice of cocktails is very varied, but also offers a good menu of wines and the bartenders always know how to please customers.

The drinks are excellent and very successful is also the aperitif with buffet also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Where is it: Via G. Fiorelli, 11 - 80121 Naples

Alter Ego

The restaurant in via Costantinopoli is very crowded especially on weekends, being near Piazza Bellini, one of the nightlife areas of Naples. It is not very large, but it is welcoming and young people frequent it for the friendliness of the staff and owners, for the variety of drinks and for live music. In fact, almost every weekend local and non-local artists are played music from all over the world, very pleasant to listen to between a cocktail and the other in the company of a group of friends. Special events are also organized, book presentations and art exhibitions.

Where is it: Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 105 - 80138 Naples

The Sign

The Sign of Pozzuoli is a place in perfect style steam punk which offers gourmet menus, refined pub dishes, excellent beers and has a counter all dedicated to cocktails with bartenders who have also worked abroad. You can choose dozens of different drinks, from the most traditional to the most original ones and each of them is prepared with a lot attention to details and decorations that give an extra touch. Any request will be satisfied and every cocktail will be done to perfection. The restaurant is very deep and also has a pretty secluded outdoor garden where you can enjoy the evening quietly.

Where is it: Corso Umberto I, 51 / A - 80078 Pozzuoli (Naples)