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The most romantic places in Naples: unmissable places to live with the sweet half

Discovering the 10 most romantic places in Naples: walks, restaurants and views not to be missed!

For those who let themselves be carried away by heartbreaking, our unmissable consular on the most romantic places in Naples between for an unforgettable evening.

In fact, those who know Naples know that it is one romantic city, from many points of view.

It is not just for couples, but also for anyone who wants to discover unique corners of the city. From parks to panoramic terraces, from historical squares to places by the sea, the choice is wide and does not disappoint anyone.

Here we propose the many romantic places not to be missed, made even more special by numerous activities and initiatives that take place there.

Between breathtaking views and enchanting views, you can in fact spend unforgettable moments with walks, dinners and excursions.


Window of Marechiaro

"Scetate, Carulí," the air is doce ... ": there is no Neapolitan who does not know these verses, which are part of the song "Marechiare"Written in dialect by the great Salvatore Di Giacomo. It was precisely to inspire these verses 'A Fenestella di Marechiaro, a small window overlooking the sea and recalls thoughts and dreams of love. Ancient fishing village, Marechiaro strikes the visitor for the view of the sea and for the atmosphere of simplicity that you breathe, despite the elegant fish restaurants that animate it. Among the places to indulge in a delicious lunch or one romantic dinner based on fish stands out "A Fenestella" which, in addition to the excellent cuisine, boasts a terrace overlooking the sea with an enchanting view.

in Fenestella di Marechiaro

Address: Borgo Marechiaro and Restaurant 'a Fenestella - Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro 27 / A 80123 Naples


Castel dell'Ovo

Besides being a popular destination for tourists, the Castel dell'Ovo it is also one of the most romantic places in Naples. Entirely in tuff, stands majestic and lonely on the sea. His mysterious and impressive air made it protagonist of ancient legends, while the windy terraces allow a view to 360 degrees on the city and the gulf. Borgo Marinari, the area around the castle, is known for the nightlife and the locals. After a walk through the picturesque streets of the fishermen, a stop in the famous fish restaurants of the area is a must.

Castle of the Egg

Address: Via Eldorado, 3 - 80132 Naples


Piazza San Domenico Maggiore

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore has a unique charm, a romantic atmosphere that comes from the frame of beautiful old buildings that overlook it. Center of university life and tourism by day, destination of nightlife in Naples at night, astonishes the visitor with the wonderful Baroque buildings and with thehomonymous church, result of different styles. A walk in the square is a dip back in time, even more special if accompanied by a pizza a Palazzo Petrucci. The atmosphere is refined and minimal, with a wood-burning oven and one terrace that offers an unforgettable view on the beating heart of Partenope.

San Domenico Maggiore

Address: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Historic Center, Naples


Saint Martin walk

In San Martino there is really everything: landscape, history, culture and the opportunity to eat well. This place occupies a special place in the heart of the Neapolitans and is among the favorite destinations for lovers. A small silent oasis in the Vomero district, the area of ​​San Martino gives its best at sunset, when the city at the foot of the hill it is lost in golden reflections. Do not miss chartreuse and Castel Sant'Elmo, wonderful testimonies of the history and art of Naples. A few meters from the castle is the La Terrazza restaurant in Renzo and Lucia, which offers traditional dishes and a breathtaking view of the city.

Saint Martin walk

Address: San Martino and Ristorante Renzo and Lucia, Via Tito Angelini 31 / 33 - 80121 Naples


Virgilian Park

Il Virgilian Park It rises on the Posillipo hill, in a position that allows you to admire a panorama that ranges from the Gulf of Naples to the Phlegrean coast. To detach from the chaos of the city the ideal is to walk among its oleanders, palm trees and majestic pine trees. Here the scent of the Mediterranean vegetation is mixed with that of the sea on which the terraces of the Virgiliano face the peak. The gaze travels on the gulf without encountering obstacles and the view on the islands of Nisida and Capri fills the visitor's heart.

Virgilian Park

Address: Viale Virgilio, 80123 Naples


Terrace of Saint Anthony in Posillipo

La Terrace of Saint Anthony in Posillipo it is in one of the best panoramic positions on the city and on the gulf: it is not by chance that it is one of the favorite locations for the couple to take pictures on their special day. Many Neapolitans stop here for "make up your eyes"With a look at the sea in a romantic postcard setting. The 13 ramps unfold from the terrace, or 13 descents, which date back to the Spanish domination of the seventeenth century. Walking on them they discover corners and views of Naples wonderful and less known, until you get to Mergellina, in Piazza Sannazaro.

Sant 'Antonio

Address: Via Minucio Felice - 80122 Naples


Posillipo Belvedere

In Posillipo there is also the homonymous Belvedere, located at a lower height than the Terrazza di Sant'Antonio. Despite this, the panorama it is naturally breath-taking, with a view that extends along the coast, esu Palazzo Donn'Anna, which stands out on the sea and where myth and reality merge. Near the lookout is do not miss the Palazzo Petrucci Restaurant, panoramic and very famous for haute cuisine also mentioned in the Michelin guide. Here you can taste both seafood and land specialties and are offered delicious tasting menus.

Palazzo donn'anna from the posillipo belvedere

Address: Palazzo Petrucci Restaurant, Via Posillipo, 16 - 80123 Naples


Lake Misenum

In what the Latins called "Campania Felix", in the municipality of Bacoli, there is the Miseno Lake, small but suggestive. The area comes alive in the summer, when you move from the city to these timeless holiday resorts for the Neapolitans, who go there to stroll and spend the evening in one of the many clubs. The atmosphere here is relaxed, with the fishing villages that still resist the weather and offer special views. Among the locals the most romantic is without a doubt the Roof and Sky, lounge bar built on a raft on the lake, which allows you to sip a drink and enjoy an aperitif among the reflections of the water.

Lake of Miseno

Address: Lake Miseno and Roof and Sky Restaurant, Via Miseno - 80070 Bacoli (Naples)


Kayaking at the Green Rocks at sunset

For lovers of the sea you can not miss a visit to the Rocce Verdi, in the heart of Posillipo and not far from Marechiaro. You can discover the thousand tufaceous inlets in a very special way. Kayak Naples indeed offers excursions kayak along the Posillipina coast, discovering caves and otherwise unattainable places. Particularly the sunset excursion is suggestive, called Full Moon, which by reservation also includes the sea ​​dinner on a fishing boat.

kayak in Posillipo in Naples

Address: Kayak Naples is in via Cumana, 9 - 80123 Naples


Lungomare di Pozzuoli

Those with a seafaring spirit will find in Pozzuoli some wonderful places to walk around. After getting lost among the alleys of the fishermen and have visited the Roman Greek remains of the town, you get closer to the water by walking along the promenade. From here it is possible to admire Nisida from an unusual perspective compared to the Neapolitan one, while looking at Pozzuoli behind it is struck by the colored facades of the buildings. I'm many places that dot the Lungomare and the area behind the marina: here you can have a drink looking at the sea, stop for an ice-cream or end the walk with a romantic dinner based on fish.

Lungomare di Pozzuoli

Address: Via Napoli - 80078 Pozzuoli (Naples)