A Place in the Sun, 20 February. Is Clara and Rosa's friendship over?

Rosa and Clara argue in Un Posto al Sole
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After the shocking episode of A Place in the Sun of yesterday, even today, Tuesday 20 February 2024, it seems that the most loved Italian soap of all will have quite a few surprises in store for us. The previews, in fact, are very clear and describe us one Ida is busier than ever trying to make it up to Diego. And in fact, who wouldn't have been stunned by a reaction like his?

Great protagonists, again, Rosa and Clara. The two friends talked about everything in the last episode and for them it could have arrived end of a beautiful friendship. Having discovered that Guido he lied to her he did infuriate Mariella who will take revenge on her husband. As?

Ida runs for cover in Un Posto al Sole

going she has finally found a guy who loves her and wants to be with her. Precisely for this reason, we believe, she should have reacted differently to the young man's proposal to spend a few days of vacation together. The young woman, however, has fear of the Irons and that's why it has replied sparingly to the innocent Giordano.

Diego was very disappointed, we've all noticed! And the thing, of course, did not go unnoticed even in the eyes of going, even though she herself immediately left. We will see it in tonight's episode of Un Posto al Sole regretted his reactions. She will understand that she made a mistake, that she hurt the boy she fell in love with and, for this reason, he will try to make amends. But, we ask ourselves, at this point, will Diego really be willing to overlook it?

Clara and Rosa increasingly distant in Un Posto al Sole

Up to this point, thefriendship between Clara and Rosa she had been an example for all of us. Now that tensions have grown so much, due to the imminent eviction, things no longer seem to be going well between the two. Yesterday they argued furiously, to the point that Rosa finally invited Clara to leave that house together with her son Federico ("they know where to go anyway!").

A sentence that left and will leave a bitter taste in the young woman's mouth Curcio, guilty, according to Picariello, of not having indulged her and of betrayed her as a friend, forcing her to reveal to Damiano the threats she has received and the whole situation of the house. But what will happen? Will Rosa and Clara say goodbye?

Stormy air, finally, for Guido. For poor Del Bue there is no peace. Now that is back home, Mariella learned that her husband didn't tell her the whole truth about the trip to Spain. And here we saw her getting more and more nervous! And how do you think the young Altieri will react? Of course, knowing her, he will take revenge on poor Guido who, this time too, will have to endure some tough things!

Curious to know more? Then we invite you to take a look to our dedicated article to the weekly plots of Un Posto al Sole until Friday 23 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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