Un Posto al Sole, scary February 23rd: Rosa's life is in danger!

Desperate Rose in A Place in the Sun

If there is a character who, in recent months, has literally conquered the fans of A Place in the Sun, this is perfectly embodied in Rosa Picariello. And she will be the protagonist of this week's finale for the Neapolitan soap today February 23, 2024. Indeed, the woman now she is left alone in his battle with losing his home and this could really cost her a lot. The boss Torrente, in fact, seems to be ready to do anything to get her away from home. Could he even kill her?

In the meantime, there will also be space for Nunzio's resentment, for the rediscovered harmony (at least so it will seem) between Julia and Luke and for a anything but unexpected discussion between Filippo and Serena. The cause? Needless to say, little Irene and her attitudes are always stranger than her!

Un Posto al Sole worries fans, Rosa in the crosshairs of the Camorra

Pink he should know well how dangerous it is to run into the underworld and, above all, how dangerous it is the situation is dramatic of those who enter in the sights of the bosses. Yet, despite this, the woman did not want to bow to the wishes of those who wanted (and she wants) to send her away from her house. An understandable struggle: He doesn't have enough money to afford rent and he absolutely does not want to accept Alberto Palladini's "alms".

Yet, these attitudes are causing her a lot of trouble. The woman already exists fully entered into the sights of disreputable people: Some shady individuals have already threatened her and new repercussions will arrive very soon. A dramatic situation in which she didn't even find the support of her brother Eduardo who also turned his back on her.

Yet, now, a solution will be urgently needed: his insistence will bring it in in the sights of the boss Torrente. There's nothing to joke about with him: that his own life is in danger if he doesn't agree to leave his beloved home?

Filippo and Serena argue over Irene, Nunzio meditates revenge

If Rosa finds herself in a dangerous situation, even her life Serena and Filippo It won't be all roses and flowers. The Sartori couple will still fight against something that not even they have any idea about. Irene it will be increasingly strange and will start to seriously worry them to the point that domestic harmony will be greatly disturbed by an unexpected argument. The little one, moreover, will continue to use the old smartphone of the mother without the parents knowing. Is the problem precisely in this gesture?

Nuncio he won't fare any better! The attack suffered a few days before it will continue to obsess him and the thought that authors of this vile act they will go unpunished it won't make him feel comfortable. Here we will see the spirit of revenge reborn in him: let it stay thinking of taking justice into his own hands?

A decidedly more serene air will instead be breathed in the Terrace where Luca and Giulia will spend an evening full of harmony. For the first time they will be able to spend moments together without the ghost of illness distracting them!

Curious to know how the plots in Un Posto al Sole will progress? In our article you will find the main ones previews of what will happen in UPAS until 1 March 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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