Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 12 to 16 February

Ida, Diego and Tommy happy in Un Posto al Sole

Interesting news, twists, fears, disappointments and hopes: these are the ingredients that will keep us company during the week of Un Posto al Sole from 12 to 16 February 2024. These will be events not to be missed in which, among other things, something will happen that UPAS fans have been waiting for for a long time. We anticipate that it will be about Ida and Diego. What are we talking about? Follow us and you will find out!

Luca at the mercy of his illness in Un Posto al Sole

We will see it already at the end of the current week and this will be how we will resume the thread of Un Posto al Sole. Luca will be literally shocked from a new evolution of his illness. A state of mind that it will not go unnoticed by Ornella that he will have more and more doubts on the matter and that he will find himself discussing the De Santis topic with Raffaele. As usual, Giulia will be next to the head physician. But will it be enough to make him feel better?

New problems for Irene?

Carnival, as we know, is a particularly happy time for all children and teenagers. Precisely with this awareness, Serena and Filippo will try to organize a party for Irene. Too bad, however, that things they won't go as planned and that the girl's reaction, this time too, will give rise to new and very serious concerns.

Has Riccardo really cheated on Rossella?

Remember what happened when Riccardo went to Milan for the conference? Doctor Crovi let himself go and has kissed his ex-wife. We don't know, however, what happened next and it will be this week that, among the young man's thoughts, we will find the answer. In the meantime, however, he himself will arrive at one incredible decision, taken for the good of Rossella and to be close to her. What will it be about? Does the move to Germany have anything to do with it?

Micaela disappointed by Samuel in A Place in the Sun

On the day of Valentine's day there will be room for disappointment in love. It will be to try it Micaela which will remain particularly impressed (in a negative way!) by the fact that Samuel didn't buy her a gift on the occasion of Valentine's Day. This will create quite a few tensions within the couple but we are ready to bet that the young chef will be ready to make amends!

Rose threatened by crime

The stubbornness of Pink and his determination not to leave his home will greatly annoy those who hide incredible interests behind the renovation of the historic center. We are talking, we will soon discover, about organized crime, in this case the Camorra. For Manuel's mother, a particularly complicated moment is coming due to one of the heaviest threats received to date.

Ida and Diego: finally it's passion!

After months of courtship and a recent estrangement, however Ida and Diego it will always be more reconciliation. During the week, actually, between the two boys passion will finally erupt. By mutual agreement, however, at least for the moment, they will decide to keep their story secret. Be careful though! The turning point in their relationship could bring interesting news for little Tommy's future.

To find out the details of the episodes from 12 to 16 February 2024 you can read our dedicated article which contains all the daily plots!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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