Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from February 26th to March 1st

Rosa and Manuel A Place in the Sun

What will happen in A Place in the Sun in the week from 26 February to 1 March 2024? We have collected them for you advances on the plots that will concern the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini and its surroundings. He will be a great protagonist Pink who could really risk a lot for himself and for Manuel. In fact, it could be the son himself kidnapped by the Camorra! News also coming for Marina and Robert and Sylvia and Michael they will be closer and closer. Curious to find out more?

Manuel disappears, Clara and Damiano terrified

In the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole, moments of great terror for Rosa and Damiano. That something serious could happen had been clear for a while given Rosa's obstinacy in leaving her house and the very powerful enemies she has made in recent weeks. And it will be the underworld that one day Picariello will think about One morning, Manuel will not show up at school and will seem to have disappeared into thin air.

Will Damiano to help her find him and, despite everything, we tell you, it will end well, in Rosa's mind and heart she will remain one great fear.

Rosa moves to the Terrace

Despite the terror over an alleged kidnapping of Manuel, we'll see Rosa still determined not to leave her home. In the end, Giulia will be able to convince her. It will be so that Rosa and Manuel will move to the Terrace. There they can both feel really safe! Nightmare over? AND Clara? The woman, together with Federico, he will go to live with Alberto not without some doubts!

New tensions for Damiano and Viola in Un Posto al Sole

The issue of Rosa's eviction first and Manuel's disappearance immediately after will cause that Damiano really spend a lot of time with Rosa and use up all the energy you have for your "ex family". The result will be there for all to see: the policeman he will have practically no time to dedicate to Viola and his new love story. Although Bruni has encouraged Renda several times to stay close to Rosa and Manuel, in the long run this will start to bother her. New tensions on the horizon!

Silvia and Michele get closer and closer, Giancarlo irritated

Thanks to Rossella's now imminent wedding (not surprisingly we already know the exact date) we will witness a rapprochement between Silvia and Michele. The two exes will nostalgically remember the beautiful moments of the past. The thing Giancarlo won't like it which will be about to move to Palazzo Palladini to start living with Silvia.

A Place in the Sun in Trentino Alto Adige

Thanks to a holiday for the Poggis and other protagonists of the soap, UPAS will be moving for a few days on the snow of Trentino. A nice change that will certainly give an extra touch of magic to the new episodes of Un Posto al Sole. On holiday in Renato and Raffaele will have several discussions and Niko and Jimmy will have a special meeting. With who? By the way, guess who will take care of the concierge during Raff's absence? Obviously… Pink!

Luca gets worse and Ornella finds out

In the new week of Un Posto al Sole, there will also be space for Luca and his health conditions. The head doctor of San Filippo will, against his will, face a new worsening. One day, however, Luca will have a very banal domestic accident (will forget the refrigerator door open) and will perceive this event as yet another worsening of his conditions.

Un Posto al Sole, Roberto and Marina are afraid

After moments of apparent tranquility, however Marina and Robert it will seem the nightmare of not being able to be little Tommaso's parents returns. It is not clear whether these feelings will arise without a real foundation or whether, instead, something will happen that will destabilize them. Since, however, things could get serious between Ida and Diego, could it be their story that puts a spoke in the Ferri couple's wheels?

We anticipate that the two they will try to convince Ida to leave Diego and, initially, they will seem to succeed. But will it really be like this? We'll find out very soon!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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