Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 6 to 10 May

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Fans of A Place in the Sun are you ready for a week of strong emotions and twists? The ones to create moments of strong tension will be the accusations made against Damiano which will give rise to an incredible series of events which will culminate in the kidnapping of Rossella. Jealousy skyrocketing for Mariella and something will happen between Silvia and Michele. Curious? Let's discover the previews together episodes from 6 to 10 May 2024.

The accusations against Damiano, shock in Un Posto al Sole

Le accusations (completely false) against Damiano will continue to capture our attention. Pink will make a shocking decision, will leave the house for which she has fought so hard up until now, realizing that everything is linked to her being obstinate. Nunzio will then speak to the judge and will try to convince him that the corrupt agent is not Renda but another. Cammarota's insistence will have immediate effects: Eugenio will reopen the case on Lucia and Diana: will he discover the mole?

Will Silvia and Giancarlo get married?

Giancarlo will make a decision that will surprise us: given how things are going and given the feelings that characterized his last days, will decide to significantly speed up the preparations for the wedding. This will also have a significant effect on Michele. And Silvia? In the meantime she will be convinced that Michele doesn't want to be with her and therefore she will resign herself!

Silvia increasingly closer to Michele

It's not over at all between Silvia and Michele and this will become clear to us as the week of Un Posto al Sole continues. Indeed, between the two there will be yet another rapprochement which, among other things, could, this time, arouse a reaction from Rossella. What will happen?

Damiano injured, Rossella kidnapped in Un Posto al Sole

The police mole everyone is looking for will hit Damiano, fleeing. But not only! We'll see it later threaten to harm Rossella. How will Nunzio react? The atmosphere will be really tense. How will he end up? Will Rossella be okay? Nunzio and Riccardo, it is certain, will find themselves joining forces to look for them.

Diego and Ida ready to take Tommaso back?

While Marina will be on holiday with Alice, Tommaso, suffering from an ear infection, will be at home with Roberto and Ida. The little one will recover quite quickly, thanks to the care received. Own about Tommy, Ida and Diego will talk to Niko, determined to understand, legally, what paths they could take to be able to raise the child.

Guido and Mariella: it's always a fight in Un Posto al Sole

It's been weeks and weeks Things just aren't going well between Guido and Mariella. Despite Mariella's efforts, nothing will be resolved and, indeed, with the arrival of Claudia Costa, the policewoman's jealousy will skyrocket.

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