Un Posto al Sole of February 2, Nunzio confesses his feelings

Nunzio and Rossella kiss in Un Posto al Sole

A Place in the Sun awaits us again tonight, Friday 2 February 2024, to end the week on a high note. It will be an episode that the previews tell us will be intense and full of unexpected twists, amidst new awareness and surprising head shots. Sara Nuncio, in particular, to catalyze our attention. At the mercy of a feeling that has never subsided for Rossella, Cammarota will do one incredible choice.

But that won't be all! Riccardo, in Milan, will meet a person destined to disturb him greatly while Clara, after Eduardo's phone call, it will be struggling with his conscience. For the little one Tommyfinally, there will come a very important day. Ready to find out more? Follow us, we are about to reveal what we will see tonight, on Rai Tre, starting at 20pm about.

Nunzio doesn't want to lose Rossella

The attack that cost him a few days of hospitalization served, in some ways, to Nuncio, to clarify those who are his feelings towards Rossella. Precisely for this reason, the young man will decide that remaining idle is not the right choice and, in many ways, it is impossible not to understand his motivations. What would you do if the woman in your life was about to marry someone else? Wouldn't you talk to her?

In any case, we will see Nunzio particularly decisive and excited when he will speak to Rossella and make a gesture for her that, perhaps, none of us would never expected. We anticipate that there will be a confrontation between the two that could change their destiny in a truly definitive way.. What will they say to each other? This will all happen while Riccardo will be in Milan. For him too, however, something will come unexpected meeting which will bring numerous upheavals in the next episodes and which will concern someone he knows very well. Ready to find out who it is?

A Place in the Sun, does Clara give in to Alberto?

The situation of Clara is particularly complicated and this was undoubtedly clear to us in yesterday's episode. In fact, peace seems to have returned between her and Alberto: all for the good of Federico, obviously, but this will lead Curcio to reflect a lot on herself and her feelings. There unexpected phone call from Eduardo, then, the it will disturb quite a bit. For Alberto, perhaps, the right moment has come to go on the counterattack. Will he be able to get back with his ex-partner and mother of his son?

Tommy starts nursery

The small Thomas he just won't have peace. In order to keep him away from Ida as much as possible, even though the girl lives in the same house, the Ferri family decided to send the little boy at the nursery. A decision that, whether agreeable or not, created e it will create a very strong pain in Kovalenko already experienced by a situation that has, and will not have, anything normal at all.

At this point, there are many scenarios that could arise. On the one hand, everyone could leave things as they are, but we doubt it will go that way! Certainly Diego and Filippo will do something to change the course of events and it is not excluded that Marina and Roberto will be forced, in the not too distant future, to take a sensational step backwards.

This is what will happen in A Place in the Sun tonight. If you are curious to find out how things will continue at Palazzo Palladini, in our dedicated article will find the plots relating to next week, from 5 to 9 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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