Un Posto al Sole of February 22nd, Giulia confronts Luca about the illness

Desperate Luca in Un Posto al Sole

Fans of A Place in the Sun are you ready for an episode, tonight's one, Thursday 22 February 2024, which promises to be full of exciting twists and turns? So make yourself comfortable because the ingredients to keep us firmly riveted in front of the television screen seem to be all there. The previews reveal to us that for Luca will be time to deal with your fears while difficulties and anxieties will take over Rose. IreneThen he will continue to worry mum and dad, what happens?

Giulia's little speech to Luca in Un Posto al Sole

Luca De Santis, we know well by now, is affected by Alzheimer's disease of which he began to show the first symptoms some time ago. Although it is very difficult to imagine how a person, still young, can interface with a disease that is still so scary, tonight we will have the opportunity to draw really interesting insights on the matter.

A particular case that he will have to deal with at the Listening Center, in fact, will cause him to take a Giulia a important decision regarding the companion! No, don't worry, he won't abandon him to his fate, it wouldn't be like Giulia Poggi. In fact, on the contrary, she will try to do something to him little speech full of love with which he will search encourage him to fight and not to be defeated from everything that happens. Will he succeed? One thing is certain: she will put all the love she is capable of!

Rosa is increasingly in trouble, Irene is a mystery

The situation of Pink it's another one where if you haven't been there it's very hard empathize. How can you feel knowing that the house for which you have made so many sacrifices will soon no longer be yours? Well, this is Rosa's state of mind that tonight, as for weeks now, we will be able to share in all its ways desperation and drama. Picariello will be heard increasingly alone and abandoned while further (and we would say also very dangerous) threats will come on the horizon.

Today's episode of Un Posto al Sole will not spare us the problems of its protagonists. Also for Serena and FilippoIn fact, it will be a time of very strong ones concerns. What is happening to the their little Irene? The baby will continue to have strange attitudes which, at this point, we must stop underestimating!

Curious to find out how the week of Un Posto al Sole will end? In the our dedicated article you will find all the plots until tomorrow's episode, February 23, 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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