Un Posto al Sole on February 6th, Riccardo upsets Rossella

Riccardo and Virginia kiss in Un Posto al Sole

It will be a program full of anticipation and revelations A Place in the Sun scheduled for tonight, Tuesday 6 February 2024. The great protagonist will be Riccardo who, after meeting Virginia, will find himself having to deal with his responsibilities and making truly unexpected choices. A burning confession, then, will be on the horizon: that Crovi communicates to Rossella what happened with his ex-wife?

But that won't be all! Protagonist too Nuncio that after she opened her heart to Rossellwill experience a complicated moment of transition. In this he will do a unexpected meeting destined to give a strong jolt to the plot. News in sight, apparently, also for Clara and Alberto while in a much "lighter" mood space also for Silvia and Mariella. How come? Let's find out together!

Un Posto al Sole, a shocking confession for Rossella

The current one for the young woman Rossella It's not an easy moment. If on the one hand, in fact, she is about to marry Riccardo (in this regard, we already know the wedding date), on the other hand, Nunzio has confessed his love for her and at work, as if that wasn't enough, things with Ada are taking a very particular turn.

Cammarota's, however, will not be the only one confession that the young Graziani will receive. It will be highly shocking to tell her something comrade Riccardo that, returned from Milan, will have the need to tell her something very important. We saw Crovi fall into the limbo of nostalgia together with his ex-wife Virginia... Has there been a betrayal and is this the unexpected revelation? One thing is for sure: Rossella will be stunned!

An unexpected meeting for Nunzio

If it won't be a happy moment for Graziani, the same can be said for Nuncio. Since he has confessed his love to his friendIn fact, his life will never be the same again. The two boys, in fact, will move away, by Rossella's own decision: it would be impossible for her to continue a friendship knowing the feelings that lie behind it.

For Nunzio, however, a new one will emerge this evening very important change! The young man, in fact, will do a completely unexpected meeting which will turn his life around. In this regard, many fans are worried about Cammarota: given his past, will it perhaps be a meeting with a negative character?

Clara and Alberto get closer and closer in Un Posto al Sole

The ulterior motives are never a good choice in life but it is precisely on these that thelawyer Palladini is aiming in trying to recover a relationship with your ex-partner. This is clearly demonstrated by his attempt to help Clara in a particularly difficult moment, finding a solution for her and Federico apartment where you can go and live, in view of the imminent eviction.

Pink, much more cautious, will glimpse something rather strange in Alberto's intentions and for this reason, seeing her friend even inclined to accept her help, he will try to warn her. Her greatest fear, as she loves her very much, will be that her friend might suffer, again, because of the lawyer.

Giulia in Flavio's sights

La redevelopment of the historic center: this is the motivation behind the future eviction of Rosa and many other tenants of her building. We inform you that behind all this there will be something that will have very little to do with legality but, in the meantime, Giulia will come into Flavio's sights. The entrepreneur will talk to her and he will try to get her on his side.. However, we know Poggi: think she will be convinced'

Space, finally, for Silvia and Mariella grappling with the solution, hopefully this time definitive, for help Alfredo. What did they come up with to finally put on the baron is knocked out? We'll find out very soon! In the meantime, to learn about the plots of Un Posto al Sole until 9 February 2024, you can read the our dedicated article! The week promises to be really hot!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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