A Place in the Sun on February 7th. Finally Viola smiles again!

Damiano, Antonio and Viola from Un posto al sole

It will be an exciting episode A Place in the Sun on air tonight, Wednesday 7 February 2024. Flavio Bianchi will be the center of attention Michele who will start investigating about him and his projects. Be careful because something shocking it's about to come to light! Will finally return smile on Viola's face, and we will see together who will be the creator of this "miracle", while for Rossella it will be time to confront one very complicated choice! Let's find out the details together!

Investigations with shocking implications in Un Posto al Sole

That A Place in the Sun is used to dealing issues of very high social relevance It's certainly nothing new. Even behind Flavio Bianchi's project, we will see it very soon, there will be something rather disconcerting and what will bring this news to light will be the investigations by Michele Saviani who will want to see clearly about it redevelopment of the historic center carried out by the entrepreneur Flavio Bianchi.

Although, in fact, it is a work that will bring greater value to a "degraded" corner of the city of Naples, for many it will represent a real drama. Where will they go to live? How will they move forward? On the other hand, Rosa's desperation, in the last few episodes, well described the state of mind of those who are risking losing their most precious asset, their home, at any moment. But what will emerge this time?

Peace made between Antonio and Viola?

These were certainly moments of great reflection for Viola that, above all after the last confrontation with Eugenio, now ready to move on with another woman, will be able to truly clarify within himself. Although things are not yet all right, in general things are also for her they will start to do well.

Serenity and joy they will be printed on his eyes and on his newfound smile the moment he manages to establish a relationship with little Antonio again. After yet another rift, unconsciously caused by Damiano, will now be the right time? One thing is certain: Raffaele's intervention will once again promote peace between mother and son which will demonstrate how much the value of the family and the happiness of those he loves have always come first for him.

A shocking confession

Rossella These are not easy days. After Nunzio's declaration of love, to which she barely managed to react (but to what extent?) A new obstacle arrives for her. Riccardo, who has returned from Milan, will open up to him and will have something very important to communicate to her. In fact, he will want moving to Germany for work. But what to do at this point? It's about a not an easy choice for her: will she have to follow him and permanently move away from Naples and her family?

Choices, fears, anxieties and reconciliations that will give a significant jolt to the plot of Un Posto al Sole. If you are curious to find out more, in our dedicated article, you will find them all UPAS plots until Friday 9 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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