Un Posto al Sole spoiler, Rossella's wedding date revealed

Rossella and Riccardo kiss in Un Posto al Sole

Fans of A Place in the Sun hold on tight because it finally happened the date on which we will be able to witness the wedding between Rossella and Riccardo has been revealed. The two, between unexpected events and twists, really seem destined to appear before the altar and, now, we know well when this will happen. Be careful because this does not mean that the wedding will be successful... it is not clear what will happen on that occasion. But what is this day? We anticipate that it will be in March 2024. Let's find out all the details!

A Place in the Sun, that's when Rossella and Riccardo get married

Il wedding between Rossella and Riccardo he has been the protagonist of the episodes of Un Posto al Sole for some time now. But if up to now we have heard about preparations, we are now certain that there is a date on which, in reality, such an event will take place will be broadcast. Curious to know, right? Well, the wedding will come next 15 March 2024. It will be a Friday that promises, from now on, to be full of news and some twists!

In the last few hours, the first details on what will be the wedding outfits were revealed by Patrizio Rispo, alias Raffaele Giordano. On Instagram, in fact, he published a video in which you can clearly see how he will dress at the wedding and, for a moment, how the groom will be dressed. No indication, clearly, of how the entire event will take place. We'll have to wait another month for that!

Fans hope that Nunzio will stop Rossella and Riccardo's wedding

Remember what he did Franco Boschi when he literally kidnapped Angela on her wedding day with Alessandro Palladini, right in front of the altar? Well, one scene that has remained and will remain in the minds of all the most passionate fans and which today, most people hope to see again. The protagonist, this time, should be Nunzio who, on board his motorbike, just like Boschi many, many years ago, would take his beloved girl away with him. On purpose, we leave you with the video of this scene that made the history of UPAS.

As already reiterated, however, We don't yet know if this will actually go down or if, instead, the wedding will be celebrated regularly and Rossella and Riccardo will finally become husband and wife. Also because, Nunzio aside, something (or someone else!) could soon get in the way. And to find out what it will be enough to wait a very short time since you can find, in our dedicated article plots as of February 9, 2024, already the first details.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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