A Place in the Sun, plot February 12: Luca's health degenerates

Desperate Luca in Un Posto al Sole

It's Monday and we are finally ready to enjoy a completely new and exciting episode of A Place in the Sun. Previews for today's evening, February 12 2024, they speak very clearly: the entire appointment will have two great protagonists and both will be “pushed” by a serious problem. The first will be Luca of which, unfortunately, we know the disease while the second will be Irene which, perhaps, hides something far more serious behind certain attitudes. Let's find out all the details together!

Luca is ill, Alzheimer's is killing him

Luca De Santis: those who have always followed Un Posto al Sole welcomed its return, several months ago, with extreme joy! We couldn't have imagined that for the doctor, who became head doctor of San Filippo, the path in the UPAS plot would be full of obstacles and uphill roads. He was profoundly affected by an illness with which, today, many are forced to deal: theAlzheimer.

A sneaky disease and completely disabling which, once manifested, makes the lives of those affected (and their families) unforgettable real drama. And that is what happened and will happen, more and more clearly, to Luca. The changes in him, among other things, they will not go unnoticed by Ornella's clinical eye: that De Santis' true condition is destined to become known to others?

Giulia, in the meantime, will try to stay close to that love of the past rediscovered today, but it won't be easy. She will try to convince everyone that her partner's conditions are temporary but she will not have come to terms with the cruel fate. Luca will have a sudden worsening: a memory lapse like never before, a clear signal that something has broken and that, from now on, he will have to expect the worst.

Irene is increasingly nervous and sad, what's happening?

On a completely opposite front, problems also in the Sartori household (evidently this will be the evening of problems!). Philip and SerenaIn fact, they will organize a Carnival party at home which, apparently, will yield Irene very happy. The little girl will thank them only to then have to deal with something unexpected.

Unfortunately, things they won't go as hoped and the baby Irene, from joy to lightheartedness, will once again transition to restlessness and nervousness. At this point it will be clear to the parents that something is wrong and that it will be necessary to find out what is happening as soon as possible and take action!

Irene from Un Posto al Sole
Image source: TV Daily

A heartfelt episode tonight's one in which two burning issues will be addressed. On the one hand the life-altering disease of those who are affected and of their dearest loved ones, on the other hand i parent-child relationships in which the boundary line between joy and pain is always very thin, especially at a delicate age like Irene's. But what is happening to her? We'll find out soon!

In the meantime, in our dedicated article, you will be able to find the daily plots of UPAS from 12 to 16 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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