A Place in the Sun, plot 5 February: Rossella in shock!

Rossella A place in the sun

The week is off to a great start A Place in the Sun that starting today, with the episode of tonight February 5, 2024, promises to be full of exciting twists and turns. Self Rossella, with its turmoil, will be a great protagonist, there will be no lack of space for the events of Marina and Robert, dealing with continuous manipulations, and for those of Alberto, launched at full speed in the reconquest of Clara. Curious to know more? Here's what we'll see!

Nunzio declares himself to Rossella and shocks her

Heartbeats like crazy in the new episode of A Place in the Sun that will see Rossella is literally shocked. Not that he didn't know it (and we are well aware of it!) but the Nunzio's statement, which she didn't expect, really had a very strange effect on her. For her, among other things, there will not only be sentimental problems: Even at work, things will take a completely unexpected turn. Ada will have particularly incomprehensible reactions towards the young woman, pushing her to ask herself the reasons.

And now completely new challenges will seem to arrive for her! And it will also be time for us to ask ourselves some questions since Ada, especially, will be destined to ask new dynamics arise prompting us to ask ourselves what new mysteries are hidden behind this attitude of his. All the while Riccardo will see Virginia again in Milan, his ex-wife and will unexpectedly fall into the network of melancholy. That Virginia itself is a new obstacle to Rossella's wedding is now imminent with your partner?

Yet another manipulation by Marina and Roberto in Un Posto al Sole

Marina and Robert: how much have they made us discuss in recent weeks? Although their shady plan has (almost completely) come to light, the two will not stop manipulate everything and everyone to their own advantage, in an attempt to distance Ida further and further from little Tommaso. Their stories, however, will be destined to be enriched with new conflicts given that on their way they will find Raffaele and Diego.

Space, in today's episode of A Place in the Sun, also for Alberto who will not give up. Indeed, the lawyer Palladini will try even more than before regain Clara's trust and to convince her that the new home he has found for her and Federico is the best solution. Too bad, though, that she won't have come to terms with it Pink and with his determination. Manuel's mother will be skeptical about Alberto's good faith and he won't hesitate to prove it!

An appointment, therefore, that promises to be coming unmissable and which will open the doors to a week full of unexpected events and important choices. All in a perfect picture of what everyday life is, with its problems, its joys, its fears and, why not, its unexpected events. And you, are you ready to get involved in the new plots of Un Posto al Sole? About this, in our dedicated article, you can find the daily ones, until Friday 9 February 2024!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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