A Place in the Sun, plot 9 February. Luca is getting sicker and sicker!

Luca is ill in Un Posto al Sole

A Place in the Sun is ready to close the week with an episode which, in the vein of the previous ones, appears full of twists and emotions. The great protagonist will be Raffaele who, after putting a patch in the relationship between Viola and Antonio, will try to do the same between Ornella and Giulia. Something, however, could ruin his plans this time! The Luca's health condition, in fact, will not be at all heartening!

Space, then, forinterview by Flavio Bianchi with Michele on the radio. Apparently everything will seem to be going well but there will be some dark sides that will come out very soon. Could it be Saviani's well-known perspicacity that makes them emerge? Let's find out all the details on the episode of Friday 9 February 2024, broadcast starting at 20pm on Rai Tre.

Raffaele wants to restore peace between Ornella and Giulia

What happens when a long-standing friendship ends up falling apart? We certainly suffer a lot and this is what is happening, as we have seen, a Ornella. With Giuliain fact, i relations have cooled a lot! He will be worried about the state of things Raffaele who will try to bring them closer together the two women organizing a lunch to which he also invited Giulia and Luca.

It's a pity that It wasn't a good day for Luca. After the medical examination carried out, we will discover that the results will not be those hoped for and that the disease situation will most likely be getting out of hand. Even Giulia's closeness will not seem to be enough and nervousness will be through the roof. This is a situation that risks giving even dramatic implications at lunch in the company of Raffaele and Ornella. What will happen?

Bianchi's shady dealings in Un Posto al Sole

The question of the housing rehabilitation of the historic center of Naples has led Michele to investigate Flavio Bianchi and on the real estate company behind it. He will have what the journalist discovered upset to the point of even distorting the schedule of his radio broadcast. Michele had to agree to do an interview with the man.

A discussion in which Bianchi he will appear to him as a good person. Too bad, however, that the Saviani is well aware that there is something shady going on and, if we know him well, we know that he will do something. We wonder if during the interview he will be able to unmask all this.. What do you think? Now, however, it takes very little to find out but we warn you that all this could have very serious consequences on his life. What will happen to him?

To find out, just wait for the next episodes but if you want to know more now, in our dedicated article, are available all the plots of Un Posto al Sole from 12 to 16 February 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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