Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 12 to 16 February

Ida and Diego overwhelmed by passion in Un Posto al Sole

It will be a week full of pathos and emotions A Place in the Sun between 12 and 16 February 2024. We will address, together with the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini and its surroundings, important topics such as illness, the relationship between parents and children, That of couple and we will have from fear for the fate of one of the protagonists most loved on the soap. Who? Let's find out together with the daily plots!

UPAS plot of Monday 12 February 2024

Unanswered doubts those of Ornella towards Luca protagonist, among other things, ofyet another memory lapse which will destabilize him quite a bit and against even Giulia's closeness it might not be enough. A dangerous evolution of the disease, how will Luca react? Serena and Filippo they will engage inorganize the Carnival party for Irene without knowing that, this time too, something won't go as hoped!

Plot of Un Posto al Sole of Tuesday 13 February 2024

What happened with Virginia in Milan will continue upset Riccardo while a shocking truth will soon come to Rossella. Raffaele and Ornella will confront each other about Luca and his problems while Giulia will try to stay closer to him. L'cancellation of the Carnival party will provoke a particularly strong reaction in Irene: her parents' concern will grow!

Plot of UPAS for Wednesday 14 February 2024

Marina and Robert will rest assured more than ever! They will think that, finally, they have won when it comes to their relationship with little Tommy as their son. The rapprochement between Ida and Diego, however, could soon change things! Riccardo It will always be Between the clouds and will further our doubts: did he really cheat on Rossella? Micaela will discover that Samuel hasn't given her any gifts for Valentine's Day and, for this reason, he will feel bad, creating a climate of tension in the couple.

Plot of Un Posto al Sole of Thursday 15 February 2024

Le pressure on Rosa will grow as well as suffering: will she really be forced to leave her home?Flavio Bianchi, in what will seem like a more than shady plan, will invite Serena and Filippo to dinner and the two will accept while Riccardo, tested by the situation, will make a decision important. He will make an incredible sacrifice to remain close to Rossella. Finally passion will explode between Ida and Diego: the two, however, will agree to keep their relationship a secret.

UPAS plot of Friday 16 February 2024

La Rosa's determination not to leave her home will cost her dangerous threats from crime. The woman will experience moments of great panic which will make Clara very worried! Diana will discover Bianchi's true intentions: what is hidden behind your whole project? There fight against waste will be the topic of the episode with Jimmy and Renato engage in a scene that sends this message!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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