Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 26 February to 1 March

After the weekend break, A Place in the Sun he is ready to return, within the week from 26 February to 1 March 2024 to keep us company with appointments full of pathos, emotions, tensions and important decisions. There will be moments of lightness that will only keep us glued to our seats. What will happen, specifically, each day? Let's find out together with them daily plots that we have collected for you.

UPAS, plot of Monday 26 February 2024

Bad news for Rosa: when she arrives at work, in fact, she will be notified that something unusual has happened to her Manuel. The little one won't make it to school and no one will know where it ended up. Has he fallen into the clutches of the Camorra? Luca will talk to Giulia about a new moment of weakness: the refrigerator left open. As always, however, she will be able to count on the kind words of her beloved. Renato will be ready for leave together with Niko and Jimmy. But where to? Forbidden to talk about it with Raffaele!

A Place in the Sun, plot of Tuesday 27 February 2024

First problems for Viola is he won't seem enthusiastic about his relationship with Damiano. Furthermore, what happened to Manuel will only drive the couple apart! Space for Irene and for her drama: the influencer she secretly follows from her parents will continue to influence her, obviously in a negative way. Serena and Filippo will try to get to the bottom of the problem and they will seem to find a workaround to do so. Stormy air at Palazzo Palladini: Renato and Raffaele will argue! Ornella will apparently be the one to calm the situation.

UPAS, plot of Wednesday 28 February 2024

Everything will be ready for Giancarlo's transfer to Silvia's house. It will be time for the couple to start a long-awaited coexistence: it's a shame that Graziani has recently changed became very close to Michele and that this could lead to quite a few upheavals. Despite everything, Rosa will be increasingly determined not to leave her house while Clara and Federico will be ready to move in with Alberto. Renato will host Raffaele in his hotel room but not without receiving something in return. What?

A Place in the Sun, plot of Thursday 29 February 2024

Immense joy for Raffaele, very happy to be able to leave also for Trentino Alto Adige. For him, however, a problem will arise: finding someone to replace him at the concierge. He will think of Rosa. Will the woman accept given all the problems she has? Clara will be ready to move while she is between Silvia and Michele the unforeseeable will happen. Giancarlo won't appreciate it at all and will demand that Michele permanently distance himself from his girlfriend. Increasingly bigger problems for Guido: will Mariella be able to overcome her being such a couch potato?

UPAS, plot of Friday 1 March 2024

Even on holiday there will be no peace between Renato and Raffaele. The two will let themselves go in some moments that will also make us smile! Niko and Jimmy will meet someone instead who they never expected to see (who?) while Rosa will decide to accept Giulia's proposal and move to the Terrace together with Manuel. Problems for Clara, who will not be entirely convinced that she was right to accept Alberto's help while Marina and Robert, having managed to convince Ida to leave Diego, they will begin to be afraid. That's theirs little Tommy's parenthood is still in danger?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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