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It starts again A Place in the Sun with a new week, that from 6 to 10 May 2024, full of emotions and twists. Attention: the "mole" will still hold the court who, from within the police, will still try to create problems for Damiano and beyond. Rossella, in fact, will be seriously in danger since he is the very police spy he will threaten to kill her. What will happen? Let's find out together.

UPAS, plot of the episode of Monday 6 May 2024

What happened to Damiano will continue to have very important consequences in the lives of the protagonists of Un Posto al Sole. Pink, first of all, he will communicate his choice to his ex-partner: he will give up and will finally abandon the house for which, however, he had fought so hard. Viola, however, very worried, will ask for a hand from none other than Eugenio. While Giancarlo will speed up the wedding preparations with Silvia, Michele will have a new awareness. Finally, Nunzio will try to convince the judges that Damiano is innocent and that there could be a mole among the police officers.

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Tuesday 7 May 2024

Michele's step back will make Silvia think that the journalist is not interested in her and this will not give her the strength necessary to oppose the wedding with Giancarlo. The radio broadcast will open everyone's eyes while Rosa will confront Father Antoine (do you remember him?) ed Eugenio will decide to reopen the case about Diana and Lucia. Is he also convinced that there is a corrupt person in the police?

UPAS, plot of the episode of Wednesday 8 May 2024

Eugenio and Lucia will not give up and will thoroughly investigate the issue relating to Damiano and Diana. The near-truth will emerge and the circle around the “spy” will become increasingly narrower. Despite everyone, we will witness a new rapprochement between Michele and Silvia. This time, however, Rossella will not be out and we wonder, how will she react to this news?

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Thursday 9 May 2024

Yet another problem for Damiano who will have a clash with "the mole" who will hit him and then he will flee. Nunzio and Riccardo will find themselves, in a completely unexpected way, collaborating to try to track down the spy since the same Rossella will be seriously at risk. Manuela will seek Niko's opinion on an ambitious project of his while Mariella will be increasingly jealous of Claudia's return in Naples and, above all, of his closeness with Guido.

UPAS, plot of the episode of Friday 10 May 2024

La police mole great protagonist of the episode. He will have both Rossella and the ambulance driver hostage e he will threaten both of them with a gun. The atmosphere will be very tense and everyone will be busy trying to find a solution to the issue. In the meantime, Tommy will feel better, Roberto will be very close to him but Diego and Ida will go on the counterattack. They will go to Niko and they will explain the situation to him by asking what options they have, on a legal level, to get the baby back. Warning: again trouble between Guido and Mariella: what if this hadn't been completely sincere?

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