Un Posto al Sole, for the week from 29 January to 2 February

Little Irene in A Place in the Sun

Fans of A Place in the Sun, are you ready for a week full of emotions and twists? Then sit back and enjoy all the episodes from 29 January to 2 February 2024. Five heart-pounding appointments, those with the episodes 6.371 to 6.375 in which we will see some really beautiful ones. Among the main protagonists Mariella and Sasà, as well as Marina and Roberto, little Tommy and Nunzio, grappling with a real existential crisis. Curious to know more? Follow us, we are about to reveal everything to you!

Plot of Un Posto al Sole of Monday 29 January 2024

The words of Diego will have deeply shocked Filippo who will struggle to accept such a terrible truth about his father and Marina. For Eugenio it will be a crescendo of feelings and intimacy rediscovered with my colleague Lucia. After the first kiss, in fact, the approaches will be increasingly intense and, for this reason, Nicotera will understand that he must as soon as possible confront Viola. Mariella will be disappointed by Guido and by how her husband handled the "Cotugno question": she will, unexpectedly, resolve everything thanks to her lifelong friend, Sasà.

Plot of Un Posto al Sole of Tuesday 30 January 2024

Filippo he will be increasingly anxious. Serena will be there to reassure him who will tell him that he was right to behave as he did with his father. Marina, however, will be shocked from his words and for this reason he will talk to Roberto pushing him to make a rather unexpected choice. Viola will be thoughtful: she will have understood that Eugenio is also finally ready to move on with Lucia and this will make her melancholy. Raffaele will take care of little Antonio, as always, while Mariella will receive a shocking revelation from Sasa.

UPAS plot of Wednesday 31 January 2024

Big deal for Rosa, at risk of eviction, as do many other tenants in the neighborhood. Giulia will organize a meeting which, however, may not be conclusive. At the Listening Center, among other things, things will get dangerous because there will be a new act of intimidation. To prevent Tommy from spending too much time with Ida, Marina and Robert they will come up with another one: enroll the little one in nursery. Something shocking will happen, however, to Mariella and Sasà. What?

Plot of Un Posto al Sole of Thursday 1 February 2024

Clara will find himself in one complicated situation of which, as always, Alberto will try to take advantage. In the meantime, the damage of what happened will be counted at the Listening Center. NuncioFinally, he will feel much better and will be ready to resign. The hospital stay and, in general, this whole bad experience must have caused him remember how deep his feelings are for Scarlett. Plot twist with Irene who will stop talking forcing Serena and Filippo to run for cover. What's happening to her?

UPAS plot for Friday 2 February 2024

Nuncio will have to deal, in a moment of particular fragility, with a terrible awareness, that of being completely alone. This is why he could make an unexpected gesture right now Riccardo, in Milan for a conference, will come across an old acquaintance of his. Who will be? Moments of great fear and anguish also for Clara, scared by a phone call, and more and more in Alberto's sights. For TommyFinally, the time will come start the nursery experience. Will it really be the right choice?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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