Coldiretti Farmer Village on the waterfront of Naples: street food, traditional food and events for children

Coldiretti Village in Naples
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Space for Italian agricultural products at the Coldiretti Village on the Naples waterfront with tastings, green street food, debates, lessons and events for children!

From the 24 to 26 2017 November will be set up Village Coldiretti on Lungomare Caracciolo of Naples, for three whole days dedicated to the healthy products of our land.

A weekend dedicated to the gourmet dishes of the Mediterranean diet with various menu at 5 euro prepared by agrichef farmers. The event will bring to the table all the quality products of Made in Italy.

There will be many zero-kilometer products and a series of events for children, such as the Agriasilo where they can interact with animals.

Here are all the details.

The Peasant Village

The protagonists will be i ancient flavors of tradition, from wheat pasta Senatore Cappelli to Vialone nano rice, la Italian 100% meat and the authentically tricolor pizza, from flour to oil, from mozzarella tomato but also street food green, from donkey milk ice cream to seadas.

As mentioned, in the various stands you can also consume menu at 5 euro, proposed by the various agrichef.

In addition, you can also do the shopping for gifts and Christmas dinner with the largest zero-kilometer market of Campagna Amica and solidarity to save the specialties of the earthquake areas.

To deepen the topic, presentations of surveys, researches and exhibitions with national and international interventions will be used, and #STOCOICONTADINI is also a unique opportunity to discover the great variety of animals raised on the Italian farm.

Events for children

Finally, thanks to the Agriasilo initiative, i children will learn how to milk the animals, ride donkeys and recognize the oil, attend the lessons in the gardens and gardens with the tutor, learn about the ancient crafts of the grandparents and their tools.

Instead, in the village of ideas, young people will discuss about food and immigration theme in collaboration with the University of Pollenzo and the students of the Hotel Institute.

Map of the Peasant Village

Here is the map with all the stands, stages and boxes of the Peasant Village. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Map of the Peasant Village on the waterfront of Naples

Information on the Coldiretti Village in Naples

When: from the 24 26 2017 November

Where: Lungomare Caracciolo of Naples

Schedule: from 9.00 am to 22.00 pm

Prices: free entry | 5 menu €

Info: Facebook event | Official site

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