Walter Ricci in concert at the Ex Base Nato in Naples with Naples Jazz

Walter Ricci

Il July 4th, 2024 at 21 pm at the Ex Base Nato in Naples the unmissable concert will take place Walter Ricci with Naples Jazz. The artist, after having enjoyed great success on social media with the songs "Uè" and "Tarantella Jazz" is ready to enchant the Neapolitan public in a truly special evening.

Naples Jazz is the singer and pianist's latest album which contains the most beautiful jazz melodies from the 40s onwards. This is a real one work of reinterpretation and variation of American jazz standards, in fact mixes American culture with Neapolitan culture, creating a perfect union.

The lineup of the evening

Walter Ricci accompanied by Andrea Santaniello on sax and flute, from Gianfranco Campagnoli on the trumpet, Dario Rosciglione on the double bass e Gino Del Prete on drums, he will thrill the guests present with a great evening of jazz. Two two guests are also expected, that is Karima and Joe Barbieri.

The songs that will be performed during the evening will be the following:

  • Uè (LOVE)
  • Nunn'è 'na rumba (Papa loves mambo)
  • Tarantella Jazz (Unreleased)
  • Justo a tiempo (Just in time)
  • 'O friddo ncuollo (Unforgettable)
  • Tea for two
  • Se arapeno 'e feneste (The shadow of your smile)

If you want to participate in the event you will need to purchase the ticket which gives you access to the evening on the official website TicketOne.

  • Where: Former NATO Base, Naples
  • When: Thursday 04 July 2024, from 21:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Ticket : 22€
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